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Thursday 23rd May 2019
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R*n 403 location

R*n 403 started from Public Car Park next to playing field, Shap and the On Inn was Bulls Head Inn, Shap.

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Full Member - Hare116576
Forever Blowing39218257
Full Fat189
Gold Top189
Sir Tom Tom1692108

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On Inn - Bulls Head Inn, Shap

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 13th November 2011 at 11:00am

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So run 403 what can I say? Even by the standards of LVH3 this was muddy and I have had an aversion to running in mud since my schooldays; when I was often sent off to run around the cross country course as a punishment on winter evenings. That is when I wasn't being beaten!

However, on Sunday the 13th we set off in the direction of the cement works and were soon covered in mud. Then we were faced with trial by river crossing and a choice of lethal stones or getting wet; if this had been an Indiana Jones film the river would have been full of pirhana fish. I think we all managed to get across unscathed in my case despite one of our four legged visitors running between my legs halfway across the stones. Gold top having had some unfortunate experiences with stepping stones in the past decided to join the paddlers; at least it washed off some of the mud but was to no avail as the way then got even wetter and muddier. I suspect the Rambo route may have been drier but they must have had their own problems judging by how late they got to the beer stop. Incidentally, has anyone else noticed how cows are getting more assertive, aggressive even. There were some cows and bullocks blocking the path by the river and rather than move aside on our approach they stood their ground. I have noticed this on other occasions recently and have even seen a small boy being chased by a cow. Perhaps we are witnessing some kind of seminal bovine feminist movement.

Anyhow, we then came to the beer stop which was well located being in the car park of Shap abbey; although one of our number was observed to ignore the medieval architecture and slope off to admire a JCB parked nearby. From the beer stop the going improved somewhat and soon we (the wimps) were back in the car park which was also the Shap recycling centre. Morticia was seen to don a pullover that had quite clearly seen better days and Baldrick, rather unkindly I thought, suggested that she might have rummage in the recycling bins where she would almost certainly find something that was better than the garment she was wearing. Times are hard and many of us through no fault of our own are not as well off as we once were. I suggest that on the next run we have a whip round to buy Morticia some warm clothes for the winter; it would be tragic if she were to sell her running kit on E-bay and then we would not have the pleasure of her company.

Sir Tom Tom has suggested that I might mention the fact that Speedbump failed to pay her £2 but I don't think she is to blame; she would have reasonably assumed that Doormouse had paid her dues when he was paying his own. Doormouse however has reinforced the stereotype of mean Scotsmen and we should also take into consideration the fact  that he is still on probation for his previous felonies. However, overall it was an enjoyable day despite having to wait two hours for our meals and would have been scenic if we not had to keep looking down to avoid going up to our knees in mud. Finally I am sure we all offer our sympathies to Cyber on his loss and wish him a speedy recovery from his op.

Full Fat

Write up by Full Fat

18th November 2011 at 5:18am