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Tuesday 1st December 2020
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R*n 449 location

R*n 449 started from the On Inn - Station Inn, Oxenholme.

Who ran 449? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Highway - Hare16174190
Off His Trolley - Hare18162180
The Fat Controller - Hare123
White Noise - Hare16145161
Simple (Visitor)01010
Sir Tom Tom22124146

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Sunday 30th December 2012 at 1:30pm

DaytimeR*n 449 »

Oxenholme - Kendal Mountain Rescue hash

Yo, hashers! GM STT here again, and may I be the first to wish you all a Hashy New Year!

Now, you all know how eager I am to establish my credentials as a world-class athlete, and you may recall how it is only a matter of months since I won the acclaim and respect of the sporting community by completing Cyberseptic's 15 1/2 mile Ballbreaker R*n (well, 12 1/2 miles of it at least). So, I thought, what better way to amaze my peers and dumbfound my critics than by polishing off three r*ns in five days!

Off to Oxenholme it was, then, all on my lonesome ownsome as Baldbrick and Upperskirt had wimped out on some pathetic pretext or other. R*n 449 was actually a Kendal Mountain Rescue event rather than an LVH3 r*n. They had asked us to loan them some high-class hares to show them the ropes, but we didn't have any available so we sent Highway, White Noise and Off His Trolley instead.

On arriving at the Station Inn, I discovered that the KMR contingent were already engaged in the imbibing of alcoholic beverages in said hostelry. Neat idea - going in the pub BEFORE the r*n! We must give some serious thought to adopting the practice with LVH3. Eventually, though, the would-be hashers were herded out onto the car park to receive instruction from OHT, largely uninterrupted on this occasion apart from some low-level chuntering from you-know-who. The W/R split began on the car park and, as most of those present were opting for wimpery, hash stalwarts Simple and myself were dragooned into the ranks of the Rambos, making four in total.

We were told in advance that our route would take us through Asda car park, and that caused us some anxiety. We needn't have worried though - it turned out to be the Kendal store, not Lancaster. More worrying was the realisation that our two KMR co-Rambos had not been acquainted with the three cardinal rules of hashing: (1) never r*n uphill; (2) never r*n downhill; and (3) never r*n on the flat. Consequently, we completed our trail (5 1/2 or 6 miles?) in around 65 minutes, so quite a cracking pace. There were modest amounts of shiggy, but without the secret extra added ingredients experienced on recent LVH3 outings.

We never saw the Wimps, though, until we found them comfortably ensconced in the pub on our return. According to OHT, they had completed their trail in around 45-50 minutes, but I wasn't taken in by that load of old flannel! Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but I reckon they never left the car park, and just walked from the opening circle straight into the pub as soon as the Rambos had disappeared round the corner! Perhaps they could all prove me wrong by mailing their muddy running shoes to On Sec as evidence of their participation?

The earlier-than-anticipated finish was fortunate, though, as we did all manage to stay dry. It was raining by 3 o'clock and absolutely pelting it down by 4.00 pm!

Many thanks to Fat Controller for organising the r*n, and to KMR for laying on the very welcome buffet at the end. Hopefully we'll see some of you again very soon at one of LVH3's three r*ns per month (2nd Sunday, 4th Sunday and Full Moon) so we can get to know you better!

On on to the Hill Inn, Chapel-le-Dale!


Sir Tom Tom

Write up by Sir Tom Tom

1st January 2013 at 12:36pm