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Friday 21st September 2018
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R*n 458 location

R*n 458 started from Lay-by on the Wray to Lowgill Road, Wray and the On Inn was George & Dragon, Wray.

Who ran 458? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare46236282
Morticia - Hare45237282
Atomic Caton104555
Forever Blowing43239282
Sir Tom Tom23130153

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Sunday 14th April 2013 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 458 »


Hares Lurch and Morticia were out early to set our hash today and in doing so missed the rain which washed away most of the markings as soon as they had finished. They kindly offered to accompany us around to make sure we didn’t get completely lost.

Once the eye was in we did in fact manage in the main to stay on trail although on the occasions when help was needed it was available and most welcome.

The run was through undulating farm and moorland terrain with woodland to act as a windbreak when it was most needed. This was familiar territory to Atomic Caton but cleverly she did not take what she must of thought of as the most obvious route when she was at the front checking out and on several occasions she deliberately didn’t see great big arrows pointing the way.

Highway adopted a new method of stopping his glasses getting steamed up in the rain by wearing his cag backwards, then putting the hood up whenever the rain got bad. This technique was not altogether successful as Highway soon lost touch with the hash and was later found stumbling around the fell in the dark albeit with dry glasses.

Baldbrick managed a hash crash whilst gamely attempting a steep downhill section, despite a good recovery back to the top of the problem area to warn others he repeating his error again in exactly the same spot whilst making a second descent this no doubt due to still wearing the same no grip shoes as last time – no injuries sustained as he landed on his head on both occasions.

Great running by Twisted throughout, her better half Bitter was a little bit crook with a bad back and Twisted was keen to get back to the start to make sure Bitter had not spent all of the weekly housekeeping budget of £7.25 in the café - alas too late. £2.25 on a single cafetiere of decaf Columbian plus £5 on several slices of sticky cake (this bit strenuously denied by Bitter).

Antiseptic has had her shoulder Op and although not fit to run did consider the café option but instead correctly choose to support hash at the On Inn.

DDs to the hares for an excellent cobweb clearing run and for Baldbrick and Highway for the aforementioned transgressions (I think Twisted was penalised also but not sure why).

On Inn to the George and Dragon in Wray for a selection of 4 real ales, very good food and a log fire (not quite roaring) at this point Morticia revealed that she woke in the night with a throbbing hand (Lurch had recently returned from overseas – draw your own conclusion).

Chips and gravy scored 10/10 by Bitter.


Write up by Bubbles

21st April 2013 at 9:44am