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Saturday 24th August 2019
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R*n 479 location

R*n 479 started from the On Inn - Mankinholes Hostel, Todmorden.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Scouse Count - Hare12425
Upperskirt - Hare27328355
Forever Blowing45249294
Off His Trolley20176196
Sir Tom Tom26147173
White Noise17160177

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On Inn - Mankinholes Hostel, Todmorden

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Friday 25th October 2013 at 7:30pm

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Agatha Christie once wrote a murder mystery entitled "And Then There Were None" about a group of people invited to an isolated house for the weekend; originally ten in number, the complement of guests gradually dwindled as, one by one, they were picked off by an unknown assailant. Sound familiar? It certainly should. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you my own contribution to the nation's literary heritage - "And Then There Were Nine". The plot goes something like this: fifteen people are invited to spend the weekend at the remote Youth Hostel at Mankinholes, near Todmorden. Within the space of twenty-four hours, their numbers reduce to thirteen, then eleven, then nine as, two by two, they fall victim to the evil Man Flu. Not content with having thus decimated his chosen victims, their mysterious adversary seeks to keep them penned in their weekend retreat by arranging a massive hailstorm and tornado (which apparently uprooted five fully-grown trees just a few miles away) immediately after their arrival. He (or she) also sees to it that the guests' food rations fail to arrive, hoping that the remaining nine will die of hunger.

This tale, though, has a happy ending, as all nine survive! The weekend also started well, as White Noise, Off His Trolley and myself broke off our journey nearby to reccy the Sunday r*n (and pub!), and managed to do so without getting wet - it actually started raining about a minute after we got back in the car! We found to our delight that the hostel was clean and well equipped and that the beds were comfy - a rare treat in these establishments. Upper Skirt and Scouse Count got wet laying the trail for the evening r*n, but every war has its casualties. As we had all had a hearty lunch, food was not a problem: everyone had brought something with them, more than enough for the weekend, and a sausage butty, piece of cake and a glass of wine or beer seemed to suffice for most folk.

The r*n? Given the nasty conditions outside, it was decided that the shortest route to the pub and back would constitute the Rambo split, for those that way inclined. As for the Wimps, let's just say that their trail was dry and quite warm, with the steepness of the ascents made more manageable by the provision of stairs. The trail was also well illuminated, obviating the need for torches, and there were ample opportunities for refreshment.

As for the rest of the weekend, no one got wet on either of the r*ns (hares excepted), even though rain was never more than a few hours away. Nice hostel, some lovely pubs, lots of possibilities for new trails - hope we come here again!

On on,


Sir Tom Tom

Write up by Sir Tom Tom

31st October 2013 at 3:51pm