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Friday 23rd October 2020
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R*n 499 location

R*n 499 started from the On Inn - Hare & Hounds, Levens.

Who ran 499? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Slackbladder - Hare216081
Darth Vader11011
Forever Blowing45262307
Muddy Waters01111
Septic Canary21416
Simple (Visitor)01313
Sir Tom Tom30160190

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On Inn - Hare & Hounds, Levens

This was our 4th visit. We also visited on...

Aa proper village pub, full of character, with a mean cocktail list, local cask ales, great craft beers and delicious comfort food.


Tuesday 15th April 2014 at 7:00pm

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We gathered in the sunshine in Levens (not Crook) and wondered if the hare had remembered to lay a trail. More and more people kept arriving, meaning that the hash set off late, wasting precious daylight hours. Our hare had set a trail that morning and warned of very little shiggy and promised only 4 miles. Along the road we went, chewing on midges to our first fishhook....Once we were regrouped we trotted along through plenty of shiggy (spell check keeps changing the i to an a) nearly loosing Bitter up a hill. We swam through more midges then up through the woods where we saw a sign for the Sun Inn at crook, but no one wanted to go there this time, they preferred the second fishhook! At the Rambo, wimp split five intrepid rambos set off in the opposite direction to Levens, with a whispered warning to follow the flour past the knitting circle area.....Up more hills the rambos roamed while the wimps probably had a picnic. When we got to a sign asking ‘where’s bubbles?’ we thought we were going to Scotland. At the top of the hill the tired rambos had a romantic moment trying to name as many Lakeland hills as they could while the sun set.Then we remembered we didn’t have torches and we were a long way from the pub! Along daffodil lined roads, through woods and fields of spring lambs we went until we met the hare and a sign saying ‘Levens 40 mins’. Over more hills, past defaced road signs we went until we spotted a wimp and some beautiful tyre marked street art saying ‘on inn’. The circle never really happened as people tried on new tee shirts, spilt beer and generally struggled to stand up after a very long 4 miles! Prime hashing indeed!!! Food and/or beer was enjoyed by all, except Lay-by whom Highway had left in the boot.

Muddy Waters

Write up by Muddy Waters

1st May 2014 at 1:13pm