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Sunday 26th January 2020
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R*n 49a location

R*n 49a started from the On Inn - Water Witch, Lancaster.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Hash Drunk - Hare93443
Pick Me Up - Hare93241
Forever Blowing83745
No More Cum62531
The Accused32225
The Confessor41115
The Judge32427
Tight Arse055

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On Inn - Water Witch, Lancaster

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Friday 8th November 2002 at 9:00pm

Hash WeekendR*n 49a »

Lancaster - 50 Weekend

At last we made it to the 50th Run Weekend celebration after all the work put in by everyone we had more than 50 Hashers in total to celebrate the weekend.

To start the weekend we had a short run from the Water Witch after, off course, everyone had registered and consumed some refreshments. This run was kept short and sweet and included further refreshments, first at the Merchants. After this the trail went around the castle and down towards the river where we rested at the Three Mariners. A little stroll then followed to take us to the Penny Bank where exhausted Hashers again sampled some beer before returning to the Water Witch.

At throwing out time we held the circle next to the Canal. I seem to remember standing on the tables and being slightly unstable as Down Down's were administered, first to myself (for being the Hare) and then to others who I can't remember but they probably deserved it.

Hash Drunk

Write up by Hash Drunk

14th November 2002 at 3:53pm