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Saturday 30th May 2020
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R*n 517 location

R*n 517 started from Road Junction near Broughton Grange, Near Cartmel and the On Inn was Royal Oak, Lindale.

Who ran 517? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare59268327
Forever Blowing - Hare48268316
Helmet Polisher033
No More Cum26178204
Off His Trolley23188211
Sir Tom Tom32171203
White Noise19173192

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On Inn - Royal Oak, Lindale

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 12th October 2014 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 517 »

Field Broughton

Driving through the mist of Cartmel Fell and dropping down towards the lush lowlands of Field Broughton, we fully expected to come upon a band of gorillas. We were not disappointed.

Before the sun had broken through and dew and cobwebs still covered the bracken, the Hares (Bubbles and Forever Blowing)set the trail.

Lurch and No More Cum set off at a pace and the rest made a steady chase. Classic up hill and down dale with spectacular views across the valley. Unsurprisingly,the tracks were in places wet and muddy. Just how muddy would become evident later.

Lurch was well ahead and carrying out a long check when the On-On was called in the other direction. He promptly took a painful shortcut through carnivorous bracken to rejoin the group.

Across higher ground, the group now strung out and the trail skirted felled woodland. No More Cum, Lurch and Baldbrick reached the view: a lovely secluded lake, easily missed by the others. Adding his essential nutrients to the water, No More Cum unconsciously triggered the future emergence of a simple life form from the murky depths: a very simple life form. Soon after, Baldbrick observed large piles of dung and wrongly attributed them to Morticia. However, Morticia herself some distance behind did succumb to the call of nature and watered a small patch of ground.

The Hares were ready with a conveniently positioned traffic cone indicating the bar. The group congregated, but not before Baldbrick and No More Cum had tried and failed to impress a female jogger. She was quick to jump into her parked car, engage central locking and drive off.

Onwards the trail led down the fell side. The leading pack shouted back a warning of a wet and slimy stone stile. Upper Skirt, having carefully negotiated this tricky obstacle, promptly fell and plant her backside into a smelly bog. Her leg was fully stuck in the stinking quagmire. Only the heroic efforts of Sue and Andy could extract her, minus one trainer. Andy immediately thrust deep into the wet hole and retrieved the precious footpiece. Soon we came upon Baldbrick at the Rambo/Wimps split. Lurch, Morticia and No More Cum had taken the Rambo route, Highway, some 10 minutes behind them, elected to do the same. The Wimps walked on leisurely and were just arriving back at the cars when Lurch charged past to take the chequered flag.

Highway came in last, having taken a shortcut (blaming lack of markers) and suffered the razor wire cuts of brambles as a consequence.

In the Circle, the Hares were thanked for a glorious trail. Down Downs for: the Hares; Lurch and Highway for shortcuts; No More Cum and Morticia for bladder indiscretions; Upper Skirt for that sinking feeling and Forever Blowing for being just too perfect. White Noise along with Off His Trolley and Sir Tom Tom ensured that the singing was up to the usual standard.Newcomers Sue and Andy, on their third outing were duly named. The group voted in favour of Anoraksia (in recognition of Andy's passion for collecting soldiers) and Helmet Polisher (in recognition of Sue's role in maintainting Andy's pieces). Baldbrick performed the christening.

We all then drove off to The Royal Oak in Lindale for a meal to end a memorable r*n.

Thanks to Bubbles and Forever Blowing for setting a varied and scenic trail.

Helmet Polisher

Write up by Helmet Polisher

14th October 2014 at 10:18am