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Monday 21st June 2021
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R*n 521 location

R*n 521 started from Dowker's Lane car park, Kendal and the On Inn was Miles Thompson, Kendal.

Who ran 521? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Cyberseptic - Hare63245308
Feels on Wheels - Hare27130157
Off His Trolley23192215
Sir Tom Tom32172204

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Thursday 6th November 2014 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 521 »

Kendal - Ghosts & Ghoulies and Guy Fawkes

Another r*n from Feels on Wheels – another ru*n from Kendal’s Dowker Lane car park!

Another November – another month of mist and rain with no chance of seeing the moon!

So why do we still run on the Full Moon?

We like to see the ghosts and ghoulies!

And to be fair: the glorious Full Moon was visible the previous night, but hashing weather means no moon to be seen.

Seven r*nners are shown as having attended but some of these were ghosts, some witches and the lonely Off His Trolley represented Guy Fawkes but ran round silently to avoid any bonfires.

There was also a phantom Pub Stop. We saw the lights of a pub looming up through the mist, then ran right past it. This must be a first!

Cyberseptic was the ghostly hare. His ghost ran with us but we never saw his face.

Feels on Wheels, the real hare was so worried about us vanishing into thin air that she ran around with us to stop us getting lost.

Off His Trolley lost White Noise before the r*n even started and never found her again.

Upper Skirt represented all Witches and cast a spell to avoid being lost.

Sir Tom Tom vanished early on but was spirited back to us by a witches spell.

Highway got lost right at the beginning, after checking out a non-existent trail and Off His Trolley, checking out the real trail swore blindly that there was no flour there when he crossed a bridge to look for the On On but it magically reappeared when we all reassembled at the start of the r*n.

Slack Bladder arrived late and r*n an entirely different trail, saying he had seen markings on the Rambo trail but no-one else Ramboed so we really don’t know!

So where had we been?

We r*n through suburbs of Kendal nobody has seen in daylight.

We r*n past a ghostly pub that had no beer and we r*n up and steeply down a hill that cannot exist in Kendal because of the flat ground all around!

Where had we been?

Nobody knows!

Fortunately we all reached the Real On Inn and had a good curry to warm us all up after a genuinely chilling r*n.


Write up by Highway

27th November 2014 at 12:10pm