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Tuesday 20th February 2024
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R*n 552 location

R*n 552 started from the On Inn - Longlands Hotel, Tewitfield.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Anoraksia - Hare2911
Helmet Polisher - Hare21012
No More Cum27186213
Sir Tom Tom35190225

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On Inn - Longlands Hotel, Tewitfield

Image of Longlands Hotel, Tewitfield

This was our 8th visit. We also visited on...

With nooks and crannies, old beams and a bit of an uneven floor, our bar is typical of an old-fashioned country pub where villagers meet to relax and welcome visitors to this lovely corner of the English countryside. Our wide range of hand pulled ales will capture the imagination of anyone who loves real ale, for others we have a selection of lagers, bitters, and unusual spirits.


Sunday 9th August 2015 at 11:00am

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This R*n was set by Anoraksia but I suffered from Amnesia as I forget to do the write-up!

Blame Anti-Septic for confusing me last week. First I was writing and then I wasn’t and first I was with the hounds and then I wasn’t, so I arrived back for our slap up pub nosh too late for the circle, so couldn’t even understand my sins! That was last week!

Back to this weak’s run.

Amnesia again as I forgot to count the bridges on our splendid hash through the historic sights along the last remaining navigable stretch of canal which formerly reached Kendal and is still recovering from the construction of the M6 which blocked it in several places. Plans are afoot to rebuild it to Kendal but the costs involved probably exceed the cost spent on building this section of motorway in the 1970s.

Anoraksia promised big prizes for whoever correctly counted up all the bridges on his r*n but I did not win it, so I have even forgotten who did!

We began from Longlands Hotel at Tewitfield, a splendid hashing pub and the end of the currently navigable Lancaster Canal.

A circuitous route involving canal bridges, road bridges, railway bridges, but no motorway bridges brought us to a beer stop conveniently located on the canal where the still open railway from Carnforth to Leeds crosses the pre-existing canal on an elegant viaduct.

Without waiting to watch trains (there are very few) we hashed onwards retracing the canal back to Tewitfield.

Failing any views of trains, Bitter took photos of horses and ponies, all unemployed since they motorised the canal boats in Victorian times and happily eating grass.

Ducks and tourists flocked along the canal on this glorious August Sunday.

How did you get good weather in August, Anoraksia?

Must be a magician.


Write up by Highway

26th August 2015 at 3:47pm