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Monday 22nd July 2024
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R*n 555 location

R*n 555 started from the On Inn - Kings Arms, Burton-in-Kendal.

Who ran 555? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Antiseptic - Hare53281334
Cyberseptic - Hare67267334
No More Cum27188215
Sir Tom Tom36191227
Tooth Fairy124456

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Sunday 13th September 2015 at 10:30am

DaytimeR*n 555 »

Burton-in-Kendal - Cyberseptic's 63rd birthday r*n - THE 555 R*N

A somewhat depleted group assembled at the Kings Arms in Burton car park last Sunday. A wedding was the reason for several missing persons.. or perhaps to put into perspective it might've been the C2H5OH, or similar substance that had something to do with it. Mind you Upperskirt was apparently dancing away till the wee small hours, but still made it. Hurrah!

Well who is that I see through the mists of time walking towards the group. OMG its ToothFairy!!
Ye gads, wonders shall never cease.

After some hugging and kissing, always something she likes to do I'm told, the group set off at a dazzling pace to ..... the bus stop! Yep, £2 the lighter (except those with a bus pass ... ( ye gads what's the hash coming to ?? ), the group all gathered at the back on the upper deck and talked loudly and sang a bit and generally scared and amused in equal proportion, most of the number 555 bus upper occupants.

All off the bus in Holme 15 minutes later. On on and along the canal for quite a bit. Then off the path and back on. Rambos, all two of them, No More Cum and Bitter, or is Twisted?, went somewhere else, no idea, but we all seemed to end up at a beer stop right by the M6. Noisy and not exactly hidden ... but there was a seat! Yummy biscuits and various refreshments consumed and everyone set off. Well that Tooth Fairy went off and away ... away in the wrong direction. Dam that intuition!

Up a steep field and over the top with a lovely VP, not noted as many as the hares would have liked, but down the other side and back along the canal for a nano second and onto tar quite quickly. Well that's what the wimps did, ??? the rambos.
Again we all ended back together at ANOTHER, yes another, beer stop. This time it was the turn of the chilli beer to be tried and many did. NMC also, like the macho man he is, swallowed it whole ... the chilli that is.

Hash Flash was flashing as his wont and we delight at the results ... and his pictures aren't bad either! Off through a long tunnel, that Baldbrick couldn't resist giving us his rendition of the Last Post. He was well pleased with the acoustics, not sure about the rest of the pack. Along a road for quite a while and then into a field. Tooth Fairy, as her wont, went off in the wrong direction totally and spent some time and a few caught clothes rejoining the pack. Apparently there were lots of nettles the right way ... perhaps there's madness in her sense?

Back home to the pub and all gathered for the circle.
Down downs to the 2 hares for an excellent run, keeping the pack well together and making us all feel stupid as we hadn't realised we had run a figure of 8. Duh!
Down down to the returning Fairy, Upperskirt for exposing herself and her Bridget Jones undergarments, Baldbrick for his bugling and Bitter, or Twisted, for something I can't remember .... apologies.
Good food, though we waited a fair time. Not convinced by the Watermelon wheat beer.

Apologies if I have missed the most salient features out, something about you that you wanted broadcasting or any misrepresentations that may have been made on purpose. I'm not used to this scribing.

Now if it took 15 minutes to get somewhere and 2 hours to get back .... am I in a time warp or am I doing something crazy??
On On TF

Tooth Fairy

Write up by Tooth Fairy

18th September 2015 at 8:07am