Lune Valley Hash House Harriers

Sunday 5th December 2021
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R*n 564 location

R*n 564 started from the On Inn - Hare & Hounds, Levens.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Loose Elastic - Hare52732
Tarty Totty - Hare61925
Forever Blowing55290345
Hot Lips01111
Major Burns033

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On Inn - Hare & Hounds, Levens

This was our 5th visit. We also visited on...

Aa proper village pub, full of character, with a mean cocktail list, local cask ales, great craft beers and delicious comfort food.


Sunday 22nd November 2015 at 11:00am

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Tarty totty omitted to inform us that the fancy dress theme for today was Hawaii, so he was on his own there!
He did order some fabulous weather for us, though (hence his outfit, I guess!), and a lovely trail, which Dormouse enjoyed so much that he stayed out above and beyond the allotted time!
There wasn't a circle as a search party went out for the afore-mentioned Dormouse, so the remaineder (including an extremely worried Speedbump!!) went to the On Inn, where a lovely meal was enjoyed, and a drink on the hash because Bubbles and Madge found a £20 note on trail! Bonus! On on to full moon on wed 25th nov.


Write up by Upperskirt

25th November 2015 at 5:57pm

  1. Bubbles
    Bubbles A brilliant trail for all levels; taking the wimps trail myself, I was delighted to spend time in the company of Madge (during which he PROMISED a hash excursion to Portugal – looking forward to that!) After the split up through the park of Levens we had a jog along the extinct canal tow path and a chance to play tunes on the wooden xylophone hanging from the tree.
    The tunnel of Hincaster looked very inviting in a shiggy sort of a way but unfortunately the trail did not take us through!
    After a beer stop it was onwards past some delightful farmhouses with amazing chimney stacks – a left turn, downhill and then right along a track before tramping carefully across a newly planted field, through an electric fence funnel and up up into woodland before topping out at an exposed trig point with amazing views. Downhill from there then!
    An avenue of trees led to a long track back down to the road at Levens Hall and then alongside the main road until a bridge and back to the start
    Wimps and Rambos – except Dormouse! - arrived back at roughly the same time so the plan worked! The public house provided a very warm welcome with wonderful attentive staff and prompt food although Speedbump was not so impressed with her pizza everyone else devoured the lot – good beers and of course the £20 bonus mentioned above from the still alive Madge.
    Well done hares!
    2nd December 2015 at 2:49pm