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Sunday 14th August 2022
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R*n 568 location

R*n 568 started from Car park north side of Devils Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale and the On Inn was Red Dragon, Kirkby Lonsdale.

Who ran 568? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Baldbrick - Hare34350384
10K (Visitor)022
15K (Visitor)022
Chemical Alley92130
Comes To Order077
Cum By347
Darth Vader13435
Fiddler on the Hoof42428
Scouse Count22628
Sir Tom Tom36196232

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On Inn - Red Dragon, Kirkby Lonsdale

Image of Red Dragon, Kirkby Lonsdale

This was our 6th visit. We also visited on...

A Robinsons house serving Hartleys XB, Cumbria Way, Robinsons Unicorn & Dizzy Blonde.


Sunday 27th December 2015 at 12:00pm

DaytimeR*n 568 »

Kirkby Lonsdale - Baldbrick's Birthday R*n

Hi all - your (nearly redundant RA here)! Thought I would volunteer to scribe Baldbricks Birthday Hash seen as a scribe hadn't been appointed and I hadn't had a great deal of opportunity to talk much recently due to lack of squarcles taking place. Having also been asked to cancel our Boxing Day r*n on account of the severe flood warnings by a very concerned GM, I hadn't even had the chance to gas a little on our own hash, so now was my opportunity (even if it was in writing rather  than in person)!

The Hounds all gathered at the bridge in Kirby Lonsdale for what amounted to a pub crawl in celebration of Baldbricks 60th birthday. Yes, I know he looks far older, but honest, he has only just turned 60! We set off in a northerly direction straight into a Wimp and Rambo split and immediately I had my first candidates for "down downs" with both "Comes To Order" and "Pudsley" bringing the hash into disrepute on account of both of them admitting to taking part in excessive exercise regimes. Comes To Order admitted he had r*n 9 miles the previous day and Pudsley was seen r*unning the rambo split twice.  Then Lurch admitted his crime of r*nning the previous day too as he not been able to complete the Boxing Day hash even though he had turned up for it despite it being cancelled. What do they think this is...a proper r*nning club??!

The first pub stop came quickly and after a few beers for some of the hardened drinkers, we set off again. Whilst heading up the hill away from town, I spotted my next two "down downs" in the form of "Mrs Binns Twins" (aka Mr 15k and Mrs 10k from Edinburgh Hash sporting very nice matching purple sweatshirts). They looked very sweet wearing the same outfit and I thought it very convenient as they needn't worry about what to wear for each hash. Note to Bitter and I to consider this look for the future! 

A further 2 pubs came and went (including one I didn't know existed - The Orange Tree). Note to BB to have this as the On Inn for a future hash as the food looked good and it was a nice atmosphere. On our way there, we had a look at Ruskins View and a tour round the dead centre of Kirby - the grave yard. Our final destination was the Red Dragon who looked after us with excellent food and more beer. We probably should have had a naming ceremony for the mini hounds (SlackBladders and Lady Janes off-spring) but we didn't let this get in the way of our pub time.

Good to see Chemical Alley back in the pack and also Darth Vadar actually getting a spurt on (but only briefly)! I think I also saw Morticia heading into the undergrowth at one point, presumably to spoil the trail as she usually does (another down down I think)!

Anyway, enough of my gassing.You get the picture! As Baldbrick would say, another good pub crawl ruined by the exercise! Happy Birthday BB.

Happy New Year everyone and see you all in 2016.




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31st December 2015 at 12:07am