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Friday 23rd October 2020
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R*n 602 location

R*n 602 started from the On Inn - White Cross, Lancaster.

Who ran 602? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bone Idle - Hare11516
Forever Blowing - Hare62309371
Fiddler on the Hoof43034
Major Twit28188216
Minor Twat21175196
Off His Trolley26235261
Sir Tom Tom39213252
Toy Boy (Visitor)02525
White Noise22213235

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On Inn - White Cross, Lancaster

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 13th November 2016 at 2:00pm

DaytimeR*n 602 »

Lancaster - AGPU

Run No 602 - AGPU The White cross, Lancaster.

We gathered at the venue in surprisingly good but cool weather. All were in good form.

We set off uphill, finding some excellent interesting back lanes and good territory with plenty checks. The upwards theme continued up as we went through grounds with tennis courts, and other good local parkland, mostly quiet streets. We continued up hill and went into Williamson park, wending our way around until we finally arrived at the main domed building at the top.Plenty of checks all the way up to keep the pack together. At the top we had a hash halt to gather the entire pack. There were quite good views, and a few of us went inside the building to see what the inside of the domed monument building was like - very good condition and very light and airy. There was a great pebble pattern of the rose of Lancashire emblem outside the building, which was in good order and certainly worth a look.

The pack set off down, where we came to a check by the side of the road. This took us right through a gate and into a net of pathways. There was a divide of route between rambos and walkers. the rambos track took a loop downhill and around to a wall before pointing us along and back up to reunite with the rest of the pack. All of us continued back up, and finished exactly where the initial check was on the descent road! A great loop indeed by the hares!! The hares had marked the on trail back down the exit road, and we came on a check at the Williamson park exit.

We set of across some park land and came on some long terraced streets, however the run twisted, turned, and threw in checks to keep the interest going. We came to a pub, which I believe is a community centre, run by volunteers. they knew we were coming, and had set aside a large table at the back. The committee very generously paid for the first round of drinks (thanks a lot for the drink, much appreciated) We sat for probably 30 minutes, then set off again into the streets of Lancaster, by the river. There was another rambos and walkers split at the one way system, after that the run followed the river, then back streets to the one way system before turning back up hill to the canal, and along to the white cross pub.

We were very lucky with the rain. Just as we came in, the rain started to lightly fall.

An excellent run, loads of interesting areas taken in on the run, a very good pub stop and plenty of checks to keep the pack together.

A circle was called in the car park, the run was well scored.

Down downs:

  • Horrenderson - for moaning about trail marking early in the run (didn't think I had but must have said something!)
  • Speed bump and Dormouse for turning up 45 minutes after the run had started (They had cycled from ulverston!)
  • Hares - for the run.
  • Septics for looking like they'd stepped out of a catalogue.

And there were more but I do not remember the others!

The White Cross pub was excellent for both food and beer, all seemed to have good food. The gathering broke up a bit at around 1730, though some looked as if they were going to stay for quite a while longer. Oh, and committee posts were 'elected' during the meal at the table for the coming Lune valley hash year.

Finally, thanks to all for a great run and social afternoon. You guys have an excellent hash house harrier club going which has stood the test of time.


Write up by Horrenderson

21st November 2016 at 10:57pm