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Monday 10th May 2021
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R*n 616 location

R*n 616 started from the On Inn - Hotel Cristal, Carvoeiro, Portugal.

Who ran 616? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Madge - Hare157186
Syd - Hare137083
Blade Runner01313
Clumsy Sod077
Cum By3811
Forever Blowing63317380
Hash Drunk18113131
Jailer (Visitor)044
Major Twit29194223
Meavy Maid (Visitor)044
Minor Twat21182203
Off His Trolley26244270
Pick Me Up18108126
White Noise22222244

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On Inn - Hotel Cristal, Carvoeiro, Portugal

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Friday 10th March 2017 at 2:00pm

Hash WeekendR*n 616 »

Carvoeiro - LVH3 hash the Algarve

A Lenten pilgrimage to Portugal leading to Salvation in Carvoeiro

Unlike most hashers, Layby & Highway took an Over-land and Over-sea route to Carvoeiro.

We suffered the tribulations of sea-sickness, fatigue, continuous rain, and a total failure of the SatNav system. (We had neglected to pack Sir Tom Tom in the boot of our car.)

Even the morning of our first hashing day was marred by morning mists, threats of rain and cold nights.

Why do Algarve Hashers r*n in the afternoon, when the sun is so hot, we all asked.

Salvation came when the beer arrived, and simultaneously the rain stopped, not to return for the entire week of our joint hashing in the Algarve!

Hashing is obviously Blessed by God.

This was confirmed when our arrival on the notoriously dry Spanish coast was Heralded by thunderstorms. Clearly a Sign from Above.

I was asked to write up  only our Friday Hash and to list all the Down Downs in precise detail, but Bubbles has failed to send me the required spreadsheet, so I will only describe the route.

We proceeded down a very familiar road as far as Bubbles Bar, where he once again failed to buy us a drink. We the short-cutted to the beach by board-walks and steps,then failing to jump into the welcome cooling sea but instead hashing straight across the sand to more steps and more steps and more more steps.

Arriving at the top of the cliffs we  ran past Madge & Syd's Time share without a pause for refreshment (Wise of Them) then arrived at a totally anonymous beer stop in a back lane where nobody could spot us drinking beer in the afternoon.

They plied us with oranges instead of beer as oranges were being given away free, unlike beer.

Further suburban rambles brought us back to the beach we crossed earlier, then our hares tried to get us to fall off the cliffs by strategic use of precipitous paths back to the hotel. This ruse failed and we all made to back to the home circle with plenty of beer left for the numerous aforementioned Down Downs.

And so to home, by various routes and various different means.

I think we should hash in the Algarve again.

ON ON to a Luny Spring,



Write up by Highway

24th March 2017 at 3:50pm

  1. Forever Blowing
    Forever Blowing Most long awaited Down Down was for Slackbaldder - it's only taken him sixteen and half years to get his 100th r*n tankard!
    27th March 2017 at 2:22pm