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Sunday 14th August 2022
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R*n 624 location

R*n 624 started from the On Inn - Queens Head Hotel, Troutbeck.

Who ran 624? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Highway - Hare26264290
A N Other (Visitor)01010
Clumsy Sod01010
Cum By31114
Cyclopse (Visitor)011
Group Sax11213
Off His Trolley27249276
Sir Tom Tom41228269
Slasher (Visitor)044
Toy Boy (Visitor)03333

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On Inn - Queens Head Hotel, Troutbeck

This was our 2nd visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 28th May 2017 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 624 »

Troutbeck - Back to the Queens Head after the fire

The cover picture of this hash, shows a hash full of fear and trepidation as to what would follow . Indeed, with so many big hitters and hash elders missing, how could we possibly be deemed competent enough, to follow a series of randomly placed blobs and checks? Especially when even Slackbladder was revealed to not fully understand the "rules" of "on trail" although he still maintains he's right!(debate later).

Valiantly we set off with FRB's, Office Trolley and Toy Boy hitting the first false trail, allowing the slower Group Sax, BarrowNil and Clumsy Sod to put us back on trail.

Indeed, throughout the hash , The Hash Horn, Baldbrick was kept very busy returning miscreants to the on trail. 

So tuneful was he, that one lady on horseback came galloping down to the pack , thinking that she was joining the local hunt! All she got was a pack of bewildered looking hashers led by a funny bald bloke with a few jolly quips.... Off she rode in dismay.

There were fine views to be had, and plenty of flour made the trail almost foolproof until we found the mother of checks. Two check circles and a blob of flour aloft on a sign pointing to Low Wood (see photo), led Slackbladder to proclaim , that obviously the route was downhill to the lake. Off he strode (alone) only to return several minutes later, unable to find any evidence of trail!

The pack had by now fully regrouped, and subject to great lateral thinking from CH3 visitors Cyclopse and Slasher.. "The one direction that we haven't checked is the one marked "Troutbeck".........maybe, just maybe thats the trail."... Now that is grasping at straws we all thought but lo and behold....... On Trail!

And from there the road on to the welcome Beer Stop, and soon after a Wimps, Rambo split.

Rambos numbering five, set off, and using powers of telepathy, as the previous days rain had erased all but one blob which closely resembled a bird dropping, managed to communicate with Highway and found our way back to the On Inn where the Wimps were all ready lying about in the car park like new felled german oak.

What is a hash without the absent RA but a shadow of its usual self! However, Baldbrick masterfully fiilled the breach and administered down downs to the CH3 pair and Group Sax for use of phones en route. Although , in mitigation,Group Sax was attempting to photograph for this page. Slackbladder was down downed just for being Slackbladder.

Personally I +3 couldn't stay at the On Inn as we had matters and beer(in my case, obviously) to attend at Burneside, so please will someone fill in details of food and beer at The Queens Head. Ta!

On On 


(gone to walk dogs) TBC!


Write up by Slackbladder

1st June 2017 at 8:15am