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Tuesday 1st December 2020
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R*n 68 location

R*n 68 started from the On Inn - Greyhound, Halton.

Who ran 68? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Fugitive Nipple - Hare21214
Atomic Caton42024
Forever Blowing104959
Fowl Scrotum11213
Major Twit011
Old Banger11415

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Wednesday 16th April 2003 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 68 »


A gaggle of girls assembled in the Greyhound Car park in Halton, only to be joined by 2 fire engines complete with Firemen (all you other ladies are kicking yourselves now aren't you?)!  It was the GM and RA who unfortunately had to work (yeah it looked like it!) and couldn't join us on the Hash but wanted to give us morale support!!  One more female runner and Foul Scrotum - the only (brave) male runner, then turned up - the female screaming at the male for not putting his trainers on during the journey - making them late and not wearing his Hash T-shirt! Eventually, after a brief brief by the Hare, Fugitive Nipple in his brief shorts(!) we set off!

We ran over the narrow bridge heading away from Halton and the checkpoint took us down by the side of the river heading towards Caton.  We then joined the cycle path and a series of arrows and "On Overs" took us zig zagging across the path (I think the hare was trying to find some shiggy)!  Gossamer had the horn(!) treating fellow runners to a rendition of some very musical notes every now and then!

We were then taken back down to the river running through woodland and strange trees with the earth between their roots washed away - we managed to find plenty of shiggy here - even Harry got his paws muddy.  Nipple (hare) must have realised that tonight's hash was going to consist of mainly females as we ran through spring flowers; bluebells, wooden enemies and wild garlic - very romantic!!  No sign of the moon but we didn't complain as the weather was above 20°C and our temperatures were rising rapidly!

A mad Wimp/Rambo split - of about 100 yards - (think the Rambos had less of a split than the Wimps did)!  A steep incline of woodland steps closely followed by a steep decent took us to the Crook o Lune picnic area. We were ogled and wolf whistled at by fishermen with large rods(!), but I think it was Nipple they were after as he'd stripped to the waist by now to reveal his sun-tanned torso! It's been very hot in these parts of late!! I think they call it a "tan can". Harry got his own back by running through the fisherman, knocking their rods off balance!

A Wimps/Rambo split quickly followed where Antiseptic, Gossamer, Roz and Foul Scrotum set off missing the steps and the pole vault up back on to the bank on the Rambo's trail, Atomic Caton and Katie managed this but there was a lot of scrambling involved.  This lead us miles down the river Lune to the Pipe Bridge, almost to Aughton and then back up along the other side to meet up with the Wimps trail.  Two hashers were caught cheating, (though I have it on good authority that it was a mirage and they didn't cheat at all) after realising just how far they'd have to run and taking full advantage of the shallow Lune waters!

Across the Crook o Lune/Halton road and down by the river again, Forever Blowing and Old Banger took up the lead and took us over a ploughed field containing strange blue waste paper fertiliser which we are told is full of vital nutrients for the soil!  Up and around the top of Halton lead us safely down to the welcome On Inn sign - and still no sign of the moon - well done Nipple!

Down downs were awarded by stand in RA, Antiseptic, as follows:

  • Nipple - for littering the trail with chalk (you could get at least another 50 arrows out of the piece found), haring a great run, with fine weather, limited Shiggy and getting us back before it went dark!
  • Roz - a virgin hasher
  • Foul Scrotum - for not wearing his Hash T-shirt, being the only male hasher, talking too much and being a grass!
  • Atomic Caton & Katie (yet to be named) - for being Wimbos and cheating by crossing the river
  • Cyberseptic - turning up at the end of the run
  • Forever Blowing and Old Banger - not doing anything out of the ordinary to be awarded a down down
  • All Hashers - for being deviants (Nipple had closely observed us all the way)!
Atomic Caton

Write up by Atomic Caton

22nd April 2003 at 1:53pm