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Monday 1st June 2020
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R*n 681 location

R*n 681 started from Demesne Farm Bunkhouse, Bellingham and the On Inn was Blackcock Inn, Falstone.

Who ran 681? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare77335412
Forever Blowing69358427
Hash Drunk18116134
Off His Trolley31275306
Pick Me Up18111129
White Noise27245272

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On Inn - Blackcock Inn, Falstone

Image of Blackcock Inn, Falstone

This was our 2nd visit. We also visited on...


Saturday 27th October 2018 at 11:00am

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Not sure why I'm scribe as I laid part of the r*n.  

So I shall say that the rambo section at the start of the trail was perfectly laid and did a lazy anticlockwise curve avoiding the village and joining up with the wimps as they strolled casually up towards the forest in beautiful sunshine and under cloudless blue skies.

This could be the reason why Off His Trolley had to remove his sunglasses for some reason, placed them carefully on the ground.... and then ambled off without them.  Fast forward half an hour and OHT and White Noise returned to the glasses, replacd them on his face and sauntered onwards.  By which time the rambos were on their way back to the On Inn, which no longer served meals on Saturdays, and the wimps were catching the pre-aranged hares' lift back to said On Inn.

Hare number 2, yours truly, headed back to try and find OHT and WN while a panicking Hare No 1 waited to pick them up from the road, with no phone signal, not knowing that they had knocked on a farmer's door to blag a lift back to the pub.  All was well that ended well - uber wimps arriving back before hares.

Ah well - best laid plans and all that - the limited menu meant that the evening meal in the barn was very welcome.  Fabulous chefs again!

It wouldnt really be a weekend away without some drama! Shall we do it again sometime? 

Forever Blowing

Write up by Forever Blowing

28th October 2019 at 3:27pm