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Saturday 21st July 2018
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R*n 69 location

R*n 69 started from Royal Oak, Hornby and the On Inn was New Inn, Wray.

Who ran 69? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
P-dough - Hare51217
Forever Blowing115061
Fugitive Nipple21315
Hash Drunk114657
Muff Diver369
Old Banger11516
Pick Me Up114556
The Accused42630
The Duke055
The Judge42933

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Sunday 11th May 2003 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 69 »

Hornby - Special Edition 69

Normally we hounds are an assorted lot but today when I arrived you were mostly yellow and I must say I thought rather dashing and straightaway I wanted a yellow tee shirt as well.  Feeling a little envious I was relieved to be given a tee shirt by Slackbladder, that actually fits, and I was also relieved of £9 later on for the distinction.  Looking more closely however I was confused because this I'm sure was run 70 but the tee shirt was a special edition run number 69.  Slackbladder helpfully explained that there are two run number 69's and the next one is 71 so that clears that up doesn't it?

So, we trickled out of the car park in the drizzle under the guidance of Slackbladder who can always be counted on to know the right way and we proceeded towards Gressingham.  With the aforementioned Slackbladder in front, who was distracted by his nice dog, we turned round and came back to Hornby.  After some bimbling we set off towards Gressingham once more.  I was getting dizzy as well as confused.  Certainly Gressingham seemed the best option because it was in the opposite direction to Hornby - where we'd started - but only a short distance further on at the bridge over the Lune, well, maybe not so certain after all.  From my perspective I could see hashers disappearing along the river-bank while another knot of hashers joined me in trying to figure out the markers we could see.  Fortunately PMU was one of them and she soon figured it out.  Me, I was now hopelessly confused and good only for running (not for brainwork), so I thoroughly enjoyed the jog along the lanes to Eskrigge.  Slackbladder joined us and pronounced this the right way and he being so right always I proceeded in good heart.  Now there was only a memory of confusion.  The sun came out and we enjoyed fine scenery and lush spring vistas as we trotted down to the river and along its peaceful sun-washed breeze-blown banks.  Er, except for the hashers on the other bank heading in the opposite direction.  Wittily, Muff Diver called On Over to them but the errant Hashers, Rurtees, Bubbles and The Duke cajoled us in return.  Me, I was relying on the combined brain power of PMU and Slackbladder, more than adequate for this Hash normally, so I only had a lingering doubt that I was with the right pack.  A beautiful landscape of sun-sparkling waters, sand and shingle beaches and Slackbladder recounting his exploits, taking in the distant fells with a sweep of his gaze, bold adventures with only a light knapsack and the spirit of the chase to guide him.  Oh, the freedom and exhilaration of fair pursuit.  Made fairer for us with a beer stop that we came to presently back on the bridge where the confusion had peaked for me.  Now I understood PMU's reasoning.  Clever when you know how I reflected.  Anyway, I was enjoying a Stella Artois and reflecting on how this was a bit posh for this Hash when Slackbladder asked who it was supplied the Stones bitter cans for the beer bin and I proudly replied it was me thinking 'cos they came from Sainsburys (posh) and were a lot better than the tins of Carling Black Label No More Cum (in Thailand) had bought.  Reflecting on how the Hash was a lot better off 'cos of my good taste, we plodded on.  Thankfully and manfully Hash Drunk (who is matched up with PMU and therefore must be brainy too) had thought better of his detour with the breakaway Hashers and had retraced his route and rejoined us.  Off down the other bank of the Lune we were barred at the confluence with the Wenning tributary (I looked up confluence in the dictionary - so it's right and I bet PMU would agree with me so there).  Slackbladder spotted the very large arrow in our path that I'm sure I would have missed, in a trance as I was with the grandness of the location we shared.  We paddled across the Wenning and I remarked it was a shame that I hadn't brought the disposable camera I had won only yesterday in a competition I wasn't aware I'd entered, 'cos there was a straggle of Hashers all trying to keep their balance in the glorious, cool clear waters that would have made a great photo.  So, completing our second loop out from Hornby, we returned to find the breakaways a-waiting for us.  It became clear our objective was now the New Inn at Wray.  It became clear to me the way on for us Rambos was up the Roeburndale road, a fine and testing ascent.  I partnered the Duke and we completed the climb in a steady jog with Slackbladder and Rurtees steady away ahead of us.  Again, all the way we enjoyed glorious spring weather, a refreshing breeze, swathes of bluebells in the woods and expansive views to the three peaks.

A racing descent to Wray lead us to the welcome hostelry for down-downs awarded by our distinguished RA:

  • The hare, P-Dough: for a confusin' run (but fine situations, FN) with a beer stop not even half way round more like a quarter actually
  • Fugitive Nipple: for bein' in the brotherhood of getting confused and not noticing rather large and obvious markers (a trend started by Lurch apparently, but I protest we're both slightly further up from the ground than you lot)
  • The Accused: 'cos he got a wasp sting an' therefore was disruptin' wildlife which he shouldn't have
  • Fugitive Nipple awarded the special distinction of bein' the Hash Shit (Slackbladder's new idea #1.....) and therefore entitled to wear the order of the toilet seat, for buying the Stones beer cans tho' I got the impression they were perhaps too tasty an' refined like for some of you.....
  • The Visitors: Rurtees and Heavenly Body, very welcome Hashers from abroad somewhere Edinburgh I think, ask The Duke 'bout that.
  • Bubbles, Rurtees, The Duke: for SRD (serious route deviation) apropos missin' half the run
  • Bubbles, Rurtees, The Duke: for not getting their feet wet (apropos SRD) at the river crossing
  • Bubbles: the Hash Flash for not flashin' today apropos the river crossing
  • Fugitive Nipple, The Judge and The Accused: for being autocratic 'bout ordering the chips in the Inn (but flippin' good chips so worth getting into bother 'bout that)
  • Hash Drunk: for getting lost on the ascent to Roeburndale (but I still think 'e's brainy) then found by Morticia who happened to be driving by.  Curious, that.....

Note to self from scribe (FN): don't bother buying beer at bar, I've enough to drink at down-downs.  (Fine)

Fugitive Nipple

Write up by Fugitive Nipple

17th May 2003 at 5:53am