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Monday 10th May 2021
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R*n 742 started from Globe, Overton

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Forever Blowing - Hare76387463
Bedside Manner167995
Bone Idle22527
Chapped Lips32124
Cotside Manner62430
Fiddler on the Hoof117687
First Class Stomp11011
Glassy Lady044
Hard Astern12324
Large Package33033
Late Cummer32124
Major Twit37229266
Minor Twat25226251
Off His Trolley34304338
Ready About12324
Sir Tom Tom58305363
Special Delivery11617
Thunder Dick217697
Wears the Soap41721
White Noise30275305

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Sunday 22nd November 2020 at 8:00am

DaytimeR*n 742 »

Overton - Lockdown 2.0 R*n 1.0

In the midst of a dismal November lockdown, the day of r*n 742 dawned with hopeful blue skies and the welcome touch of the sun. Being good and dutiful hashing citizens, we had organised a seven day window in which to partake of the route, but then nearly all chose a starting time within a few hours of each other! However HA and I only met STT briefly in the car park at the start and caught AS and CS as they were driving off at the end. I think if we applied the six degrees of separation principle we may have managed to loosely connect the group in a Covid safe manner.

Starting the route, even apparently with a map and written instructions was challenging for some of the early comers ( Adams family!) but we all, I think , managed to find our way into the shiggy fields. Lurch and Morticia did warn us by WhatsApp to bring snorkels. We had foolishly ignored them. As HA and I crossed the mud a Big Black Raincloud came over to join us. It did however also bring its friend the Rainbow which was very photogenic.Our navigatory ability was much aided by being able to follow Lurch’s large footprints in the ubiquitous mud.

Having passed Middleton, we were all tasked to look out for the 1970’s touring pop group. HA and I were briefly tempted away from the true path by a sign to Hollis house ( The Hollies ) but then found the much more appropriate Mud on the Road sign! Clever clue! 
We then milled about a bit trying and failing to find any bamboo. Where are the pandas when you need them to point out the way?

Thereafter down to the shore, to the non beer beer stop and beautiful views. Here our hare had provided us with an entertaining tongue twister to emphasise the high moisture content of the marsh. ‘’ The shore I saw was shiggy for sure’’ Try saying that 10 x quickly!

On on and up the Lane with a brief detour to visit little Sambo’s grave as per instructions  because indeed ‘ a little black life does matter 😢.

One of the well painted stones on his grave had a Charles Dickens quotation -  ‘’ I hope that real love and truth are stronger in the end than any evil or misfortune in the world’’. Take that Coronavirus!!

Sunderland Point was looking mighty fine and presumably there will be many photos ( photo opportunity was the instruction in our r*n notes!)

Big Black Cloud persuaded his Rainbow friend into just the right position as we reached Noah’s Ark to provide a further very apt photo of ‘Hope’ in the dismal time of Covid. We just needed a white dove to release!

More shiggy fields to negotiate to return home passing a rather lovely display of red metal poppies in a Remembrance display in the little woods. We met the creator of the display busy collecting them all in for next year. He’d also made a series of driftwood spiders and monsters in the trees. I do hope Lurch and Morticia didn’t miss this - they would have felt so at home! 🕷 🕷 

So back to the car park and a brief socially distanced chat to the Septics. A very shiggy but nonetheless lovely trail thank-you FB! I’m calling it ‘Rainbows and Remembrance’ -  a good little antidote to COVID ennui!

Ready About

Write up by Ready About

22nd November 2020 at 5:23pm