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Tuesday 20th February 2024
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R*n 76 location

R*n 76 started from Turner Hall Farm campsite, Seathwaite and the On Inn was Newfield Inn, Seathwaite.

Who ran 76? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare184967
Lurch - Hare114657
Cousin It13435
Cum Yak Yak11920
Forever Blowing115566
Fugitive Nipple21618
Hash Drunk115061
No More Cum73744
Pick Me Up114859
The Duke099

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Saturday 12th July 2003 at 3:00pm

Hash WeekendR*n 76 »

Duddon Valley - Duddon Valley Camping Weekend

Run 76 started the day before as we all arrived for the circle, so keen, about 18 hours too early. We had a pre-run warm up the evening before (to the pub Slackbladder - not up a mountain first!) we ate and drank our fill and then wandered back to our beds, but back at the site we were all impressed by the size of Nipple's magnificent erection and decided to stay for more liquid refreshment.

The day of the run dawned, the Septics enjoyed two breakfasts and returned to bed, Slackbladder stuffed himself with tons of food and then, as he needs more running practice than the rest of us left for Wasdale to see if he could find any flour there - he looked very hard and returned later that evening without having seen a single bit of chalk - look harder next time.

The more observant among us noticed an extra tent in our midst and we were eventually joined by ambassadors of the Newcastle hash, Babyshit and the Monk who had managed to find us after what must have been a rough night in Newcastle.

Lots of bacon and sausages later the hares disappeared to do their worst and we settled down for a lazy couple of hours, we had so much to do, slip on our hash shirts, slap on our hash hats, slop on some hash sunscreen, down some hash bevies, but we only remembered to do the last one, and the hares returned and crashed out under Lurch's also magnificent erection.

So Run 76 finally began, down towards the Inn - but not near enough for some hounds we ducked down through the woods, over bridges various and headed up, up and up through the jungle that is the Duddon Valley, we waded through marshy meadows, over dry stone walls, down and over and up becks until we found our treasure - a welcome bottle of water.

The wimps and rambos parted company only to reunite at the stepping stones beer stop, a very wet battle ensued.

Baby-I'm-definitely-not-getting-my-shoes-wet-shit definitely got his shoes wet and a good time was had by all. Joined by the smaller hounds we proceeded to wend our way up the other side of the valley eventually to return to the campsite and a blazing sun.
Now most people at this point would top up their sun cream and seek the shade, but no our illustrious mis-management were intent on doing lobster impressions for the rest of the weekend. Hope it doesn't hurt too much guys!

Down Downs - you expect me to remember them all?

  • Hash Horrors: Cum Yak Yak & Cousin It for soaking everyone in the river
  • Hares + me?! For  
    • Too much sun
    • Too much water
    • Too many flowers
    • Too many views
    • Too many boggy bits
  • Hash drunk for having a low slung bottom and for taking a devious route across the river to try and avoid wetting
  • Pick Me Up for being excess baggage
  • Visitors - Baby shit and Annoying Habit - Know what I mean?
  • The Duke - giving up on the trail when we know that Bubbles is a cunning chalk layer.

Sayings of the day:

  • Cum Yak Yak about a partly erected 'marquis' : "I think you'll find it too short for some people"
  • "That big thing in the corner. God its huge, where do you fit it?" - well we thought the comment was directed at Hash Drunk, but maybe Emma was talking about Nipple's cooker. 
  • Nipple to Antiseptic: "have you seen my magnificent Erection?"
  • Antiseptic to Nipple: "I could do it right here on the floor - its not a problem"
Forever Blowing

Write up by Forever Blowing

18th July 2003 at 9:53am