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Tuesday 21st September 2021
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R*n 760 started from Oxen Park Reading Room, Oxen Park

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Bubbles - Hare81367448
Forever Blowing - Hare78400478
Chapped Lips53439
Hard Astern23436
Late Cummer53439
Off His Trolley34311345
Racey Miss11617
Ready About23436
White Noise30280310
Willy Wonky088

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Sunday 8th August 2021 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 760 »

Oxen Park

The Day the Hares Car went BANG/ The R*n that nearly Didn't Happen

Urgent missives plied t'Internet after FB and B's Mini went bang at Lindale roundabout en route for laying the trail. Clever little car managed  to breakdown not too far from a BMW garage so those competent hares merely dropped the car off outside the garage with a note to say how poorly it was , then proceeded to organise the hashing crew to deliver them to the start of the hash. BB was organised to man the BS, LC and CL were the rescuers. All sorted before this scribe was even aware of any drama, Carry on chaps!

Thus it fell to FB to live hare . To borrow from the Bard- ''I'll lead you about a round/ Through bog,through bush, through brake through brier,'' And so she did... though to be fair it was mainly through bracken.Bracken even approaching the height of the lofty Lurch,and necessitating swimming action and machete like chops to force passage, It even laid stalk tripwires and several hashers came to grief. I personally witnessed a slow ''Oh,I'm going...I'm going...I'm gone'', resulting in an upended LC, and an uncharacteristic but very Bambi like fall from the leggy Lurch. 

''Up the airy mountain,down the rushy glen'' we went. In fact the Rambo split did at one point go down the rushy glen and then seemingly straight back up it.

It was a beautiful Lakeland trail ,with dark rain clouds forever threatening, but surprisingly we managed to run the whole trail without any significant precipitation- very lucky considering the weather forecast and the exceedingly heavy rain on the journey up.

Before entering the woods the trail took us past El Toro of Oxen Park with his harem of wives and offspring. El Toro seemed pretty chilled but some of the anxious mothers indicated to a few of the hashers that they and theirs were not to be messed with. Nobody messed with them...

Then came a beautiful section of flowing forest downhill culminating in a very welcome BS. Rambos just beat the Wimps and were only 10-15 mins behind the stalwart hare. we even managed to get a hash flash with all but the hare in shot.

So,onward back to the Reading Room  for circle where the Big Black Cloud menaced. Just time to congratulate those plucky hares for setting such a great trail in the face of automotive adversity, for FB to knight the Rescuers of the Hash, - Sir BB, Sir LC and Dame CL-, to name Rockafella, and for a celebratory down down for Belle who managed the whole hash (well done!) before the rain began in earnest and ended events.

Thence to t'pub for a chinwag ,beer and sustenance. Twas a Grand Day Out, thank you and hope the car repair doesn't cost too much, FB and B.

Just off to do a tick search now......


Subsequent scrutiny of a photo of El Toro reveals udders. Doh! But it did look like the big silhouettes in Spain honest!

Ready About

Write up by Ready About

8th August 2021 at 8:43pm