Lune Valley Hash House Harriers

Saturday 2nd July 2022
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R*n 786 location

R*n 786 started from Low Demesne, Ingleton

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Sir Tom Tom - Hare65330395
Chapped Lips74855
Fiddler on the Hoof13101114
Hard Astern54954
Large Package76673
Late Cummer74754
Ready About55156

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Saturday 16th April 2022 at 4:00pm

Full MoonR*n 786 »

Ingleton - Easter Saturday at Ingleton

A select group of keen hashers met up in Ingleton on Easter Saturday. Was it to be for an Easter egg hunt? No, something even more esoteric, a search for uncharacteristically small (for STT) blobs of flour, and a few chalked arrows.

We were to be granted a choice of 3 (yes three) Wimp/Rambo splits! But no beer stop because this was a full moon hash. Despite it being a warm, sunny afternoon.

The first split began right at the start, with the Rambos following a narrow footpath that came out on the A65 for a short way before doubling back through fields and presumably joining the Wimp trail at some point, though none were to be seen. After a bit more through the village we came upon the Hare, who was overseeing the second split. At that point Fiddler On The Hoof changed from Rambo to Wimp, leaving, for now, just Large Package, Ready About, Late Cummer and Lurch on the longer trail. We then started to ascend the foothills of Ingleborough. A shout back to STT querying whether we were going to the summit of this famous peak, elicited a response in the negative! Shame, it was a lovely day for it.

There followed some pleasant footpaths and tracks, with salubrious views of verdant countryside, before coming once more into the environs of Ingleton. We passed the entrance to the Waterfalls Walk but eschewed those delights, embarking instead on a sparsely marked trail over fields. In the middle distance we then spotted a brace of hashers. On catching them up, eventually, we discovered Hard Astern and Morticia who had started out as Wimps and swapped for the second split. So now we were six.

A little further and we came to the final split. Here we had been told, would be a field with two trails, separated by a specific number of degrees. I forget how many, but in any case, the two trails were easily identified. Following once more on the Rambo trail the group started to flag with dehydration and started to hallucinate. We thought we could see a public house on the horizon and started to head towards it. As we approached, it revealed itself to be real, The Marton Arms, and it was open! A swift half was the very least we could allow ourselves before plodding on to journey’s end.

By the time the Rambo group finished half of the Wimps had already left for home, so there was no circle to celebrate a magnificent, enjoyable and scenic trail.

Thanks again Sir Tom Tom.

Large Package

Write up by Large Package

24th April 2022 at 3:42pm