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Sunday 14th August 2022
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R*n 80 location

R*n 80 started from the On Inn - Redwell Inn, Over Kellet.

Who ran 80? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Atomic Caton - Hare52126
Odd Glimpse - Hare156
Colon the Shy066
Cousin It13738
Cum Yak Yak12122
Dot to Dot022
Forever Blowing125769
Fugitive Nipple22022
Greasy Pogo022
Major Twit033
Minor Twat022
No More Cum73946
Peeping Tim167

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On Inn - Redwell Inn, Over Kellet

Image of Redwell Inn, Over Kellet

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...

This 17th Century Inn offering fine cask ales, fresh local produce, hand- made breads and free Wi-Fi.


Tuesday 12th August 2003 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 80 »


A balmy summer's night saw about 20 hashers! (must be a record for a full moon run) gathered outside the Redwell Inn - at least that is, when everyone got there! No new shoes, so with very little ado we got on hashing, across the road and up the hill for quite a long time, through fields and along a lane, then down hill after leaving the wimps to do their split. The route seemed like it was going on forever in a straight line towards Hornby.

Just before we reached the Lune, Slackbladder caught and passed us, having arrived later then anyone else, and continued to catch up with the front-runners.

Along the river, wading, running and walking through long grass, past the confluence of the Wenning and Lune and eventually turning away from the river again and back up hill. The hill went up for a long way and eventually seemed to be going in the opposite direction to the wimps run, which was confusing.  Hadn't seen or heard anyone for a while! By now it was down to the four of us: Gossamer, Colon, Anti and Cyber.

Got lost by a house but glimpsed a red Rambo further up the hill so followed - then lost them and the trail again in a field on a hill.  Found the trail but still no sign of anyone else! Can't complain though, the evening was really grand.

Got lost by a beck, went through loads of thistles - must be right, the hares said Beware of the thistles! But no flour so Cyber went back to the last marker to look for alternatives... Still no luck so lost again! Still hadn't seen or heard anyone for a long while! But the evening, the countryside and the natives were pleasant enough so we ended up in Gresingham nattering, before deciding we had better come back by road as the dusk was gathering. Morticia then turned up with her rescue vehicle and, after being rescued on Sunday became our rescuer tonight! Thank you.

Hope you all had a good hash wherever you went and whatever you did! - we did, even if we made our own trail and lost you all! Thanks to Atomic and Odd Glimpse for a fantastic (but tough) run with great views over the Lune Valley.

Down downs to quite a few hashers including us, but we missed most of them while being rescued! The ones we were around for were: Lurch for renaming without the RA's permission, Bubbles for something, Us for getting lost, Bubbles for weeing in his friend's hedge!!

Naming ceremony; Christened by the RA were:

  • Roz = Major Twit
  • Steve = Minor Twat
  • Martin = Greasy Pogo

Jointly scribed by; official scribe = Cyberseptic, assistant scribe = Antiseptic, consultants = Gossamer and Colon


Write up by Cyberseptic

18th August 2003 at 1:53pm