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Monday 6th July 2020
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R*n 83 started from Church of the Good Shepherd, Lowgill

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Hash Drunk - Hare135366
Pick Me Up - Hare125264
Cousin It13940
Cum Yak Yak12324
Forever Blowing125971
Fowl Scrotum21719
Fugitive Nipple32225
No More Cum84149
Old Banger22022
The Accused52732
The Duke01313
The Judge53136
Tooth Fairy156

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Sunday 14th September 2003 at 11:00am

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Low gill was the venue for the latest instalment of the Lune Valley Hashers expeditions. The weather was fantastic and a healthy fifteen hashers turned out. The meeting place, hidden deep in the moors, made very easy to find due to the roadmarkings and signposts displayed by our very diligent Hares (NOT!!) was a churchyard where the local people were congregating for their Sunday prayers. They must have thought the lord above was calling down to them when no more cum shouted "form a circle" to start the hash.

The hares entered the circle for their low down on what lay in store for us and it sounded like an obstacle course with, "be careful of the deep pot holes in the moors, barbed wire fencing, the nettles", which apparently were speed detecting nettles because as was explained by the hares, if we went through at speed we would get stung, (no problems for "the accused" there then,) dodgy stiles, farmyard dogs, etc, etc.

Eventually we set off up the hill to come across a Rambo split about halfway up the hill. The rambo's went off to the left and the wimps on up the hill to the first open check at the top of the hill. Straight on through the fields was the verdict.

It wasn't long before the rambo's caught up with the rest of us and as we went on to a farmyard everybody stopped and went into what looked like one of the farm buildings. Was this to be a welcome early beer stop. No.

When we set off at the start we knew we were in for some spectacular views of the countryside. What we did not expect to see were spectacular views of New York and Bangkok. Yes, we found ourselves in an art gallery.

We eventually set off again and came to an open check where one of the options was a lane down to a farmyard where there was a noisy barking dog. Was this the farmyard and dog as explained at the start of the hash by the hares, The Accused asked Bubbles. Yes, this is the way we thought only to hear faint On On's from one of the other directions that everybody else took.

On across the moors again, to the beer stop on top of a very large rock outcrop in the middle of a field. What a great photo opportunity everybody said, to Bubbles dismay, he forgot the camera.

A short time later we set off again on the descent from the moors past a farm called "seaview". I couldn't understand why with not a speck of water in sight. We trundled across some fields again and eventually arrived back at the churchyard where the congregation of church goers had left after what they thought was close encounter with the big man upstairs.

The Down downs followed starting with the hares and ending with, well everybody really.

A fantastic morning, a great hash in the countryside with the unexpected twist of a visit to an art gallery in the middle. Now I would bet on that being definitely a first for any Hash group.

Quote of the day.

Cum yak yak to the Accused, "I like walking beside you, your shadow keeps me cool"

The Accused

Write up by The Accused

20th September 2003 at 5:53am