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Friday 21st January 2022
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R*n 85 location

R*n 85 started from the On Inn - Station Inn, Oxenholme.

Who ran 85? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Slackbladder - Hare104656
Cum Yak Yak12425
Forever Blowing126173
Hash Drunk135467
No More Cum84250
Pick Me Up125365
Tooth Fairy167

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Friday 10th October 2003 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 85 »


Winter was in the air and night was falling fast as a hardcore of LVH3 hashers gathered in vague togetherness in predictably close vicinity to the abode of the hare's most recent amorous adventures. Our numbers were augmented firstly by Tooth Fairy, who had taken the weekend off from oral preoccupations in Edinburgh and  was appproaching her first LVH3 with some trepidation; and secondly, by Carol (no Hashname yet), who had hashed before and something about bristols. Slackbladder had hared this one alone, due to the fact that P-dough, his absent co-hare, feels uncomfortable unless he's in Fishnets!

Anyway, those of us who were there received sufficiently garbled instructions from Slackbladder to confuse the hell out of the Rambos and Wimps alike. The Wimps were fortunate in the fact that the hare chose to share their company. The Rambos, on the other hand, were left to wander around aimlessly for half an hour searching for non-existent flour. With no alternative left to them Bubbles, Tooth Fairy and No More Cum were forced to seek the bread-making stuff on the Wimps trail.

With markings difficult to see, progress was slow - up, down and around - you know the . There was a viewing opportunity of the constellation Kendalamus Illuminus before the Rambos were alerted to a giggling huddle of Wimps beer-stopping in a hollow. The finale was a stroll down the hill back to the A-site for a short circle and the On Inn at the Station Pub, Oxenholme.

There were down-downs for Slackbladder, who was deemed to have set a great run, despite the obvious flour-shortfall; No More Cum, who was once again forced to relive his drunken reversing nightmare by Hadrian's Wall; Hash Drunk, for lacking moral fibre (I thought he showed enough fibre simply by turning up with an obvious injury from last weekend), Forever Blowing, for (help me out PMU) and for Carol, who seemed confused by being referred to as a Virgin and may prefer to be a Visitor. She displayed a reckless nonchlance by running for the first time with a bunch of lunatics through a baren wilderness in the dark.

Pick Me Up was as reliable as ever in supporting Hash Drunk, especially in his present sorry state. Cum Yak Yak, when asked how she had enjoyed the run, expressed gratitude to her father for allowing her to share in such an uplifting experience, for the inspiration she drew from his tenacity and leadership and for the large plate of chips.

No More Cum

Write up by No More Cum

16th October 2003 at 1:53pm