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Monday 22nd July 2024
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R*n 855 location

R*n 855 started from Low Demesne, Ingleton and the On Inn was Wheatsheaf, Ingleton.

Who ran 855? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Sir Tom Tom - Hare72372444
First Class Stomp78188
Glassy Lady64551
Hard Astern991100
Large Package13127140

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Thursday 25th January 2024 at 6:45pm

Full MoonR*n 855 »

Ingleton - Wolf Moon R*n

25th January, Burns Night

On a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht yon LVH3 Hashers met tae gow loupin’ - only it was nothing of the sort, it was wet, pitch black, NO MOON, and half the Hashers turned up at the On Inn rather than the start! Morticia tried phoning, to no avail but luckily Baldbrick worked out where we should be.

The hardy Hashers eventually set off, all from the correct starting point in search of the trail. Our reliable Hare, Sir Tom Tom, had laid the trail in the afternoon in daylight before the downpour. All was well until he dropped the flour and the container broke, and then it rained, heavily. Baldbrick valiantly found the trail for the latecomers, with the Rambos following, then they sped ahead until stopped by Sir TT at a stile in a wall which they would have missed in the dark. He proceeded to give a detailed description of the rest of the trail: ”go over the stile, then left, through fields and over dales until you get to the Green Lane……” and so we set off through a lovely wood which he hadn’t mentioned with several owls, hooting and crashing about overhead, on the ground there looked to be flour or was it bird poo?? I’m not not sure the Rambos took the right route, Hard Astern took the high road, while Large Package took the low road, both led to same wrong place, but we ended up on the A65 to Settle and amazingly found the trail again, but no Green Lane. But we did find Greenwood Leghe. Aha! That was what Sir TT was saying……yes, there was the caravan park he’d mentioned and the fence, it all fitted. We returned back and caught up with the Wimps just as Sir TT popped up again to usher us safely across the road, just like a lolly pop person. And he appeared once more to ensure we didn’t miss the turning back to the cars. We were chivvied on to get changed and walk swiftly to the On Inn as we were running a bit late.

On the way the On Inn phoned to check we were on our way as the chef obviously finished at 8.15pm. As we walked through the door we were ushered to a table and our meals were delivered before our drinks were in, such service! The food was warm and welcoming, followed by some good discussions putting the world to rights.

A thoroughly enjoyable hash and well worth driving 150 miles, even though there was no full moon and Rabbie Burns was forgotten.

Good to see you all

Glassy Lady

Glassy Lady

Write up by Glassy Lady

27th January 2024 at 6:27pm

  1. Cyberseptic
    Cyberseptic What a shame I missed your last outing GL. Anyway, we'll meet again.
    26th February 2024 at 3:31pm