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Monday 22nd July 2024
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R*n 86 location

R*n 86 started from Loftus Hill car park, Sedbergh and the On Inn was Red Lion, Sedbergh.

Who ran 86? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Antiseptic - Hare72229
Cyberseptic - Hare72532
Atomic Caton52328
Cousin It14142
Cum By011
Cum Yak Yak12526
Dot to Dot033
Forever Blowing126274
Hash Drunk135568
No More Cum84351
Pick Me Up125466
Sideshow Bob055
Tooth Fairy178

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On Inn - Red Lion, Sedbergh

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 12th October 2003 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 86 »


The day started off with glorius sunshine, we met in the carpark and everyone was giddy. Off we went into the hills. Sideshow Bob was with us running at a good pace,the first beer stop was fast approaching. Sideshow Bob had disapeared along the way, but we were sure we would see him at the end. Next we know he was stood on the horizon ahead of us,already suitably refreshed!! ( now I call that experienced hashing).
Bubbles managed to avoid a confrontation with the local farmer by poping his dog back on the lead for a short time. Pick Me Up was busy handing out shiny new tops to everyone. Meanwhile round the corner the circle was being prepared, specially imported ice being the main attraction. As the circle was forming and the ice was spotted everyone's head dropped. They fixed a point on the floor and shuffled uncomfortably from one foot to the other, knowing what was potentially coming next.

You were safe, Slackbladder had a bad day and was unable to bring himself to ice anyone - some RA. It was left to the GM to ice myself and Slackbladder. I was iced for non-curricular activities with an unnamed female, involving various items of torture. Slackbladder sat down, because he had set a bad trail for the rambos the prevoius Friday and , because the GM thought he was a shadow of himself on the day. The RA was unable to take a manly seat with skin to ice, due to the fact that his bum was covered  in millions of spots. I imagine they must have been big yellow-headed ones about to burst!

Conventional down downs were also awarded. Tooth Fairy got one for a nimble bit of peeing - she wated for a check to do it! Morticia, the backward-beer throwing expert, got one for her multicoloured socks. Hash Drunk, having received a down-down on Friday for being a bit of a wimp, today excelled and did at least part of the rambos trail. A down down for him too.

New names came in the form of Dorothy, who was named Dot-to-Dot on acount of her drawing capabilities and myself, who was renamed on account of recent activities. The RA called me Cufflink Crusader I believe. What is he on and what does it mean? Can somebody explain?

There were two virgin hashers on the run. One was Jake (?), son of Dot-to-Dot and the other  Jane, apple of Slackbladder's eye and probably the reason why he is so jumbled at the moment. Between them they managed to order two of everything in the pub. What's that all about then?

On on, Cufflink Crusader (aka The Icemaster, ex P-dough).


Write up by P-dough

18th October 2003 at 5:53am