Lune Valley Hash House Harriers

Thursday 13th June 2024
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R*n 861 location

R*n 861 started from the On Inn - The Lancaster Brewery, Lancaster.

Who ran 861? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Antiseptic - Hare76375451
Cyberseptic - Hare95368463
Bedside Manner18109127
Big Dibber23335
Cotside Manner84452
Fiddler on the Hoof16129145
First Class Stomp78794
Hard Astern1094104
Large Package14132146
Major Twit42267309
Motor Gnome22022
Off His Trolley39364403
Ready About1096106
White Noise35331366

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On Inn - The Lancaster Brewery, Lancaster

This was our 5th visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 24th March 2024 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 861 »

Lancaster - Brewery and Daffodils r*n

We gathered for r*n 861 in bright sunshine, several brave souls baring their legs, cor, give us a bit more of that! And off we lurchered seeking chalk and flour which quickly pointered us into (by chance) Williamson Park. Dodging cars, we soon found the way up to the Viewpoint and took in the vista of delight, then a spin one time round the rotunda and we were back on our way. Oh Shiht zu put that fish hook there - up and down we ran, round and round (well most of us....) but once given the OK by AS to carry on, on we went.

Chance (or was it the hares) then took us for a spring eround Denham Carr where the promised shiggy was found. MG got the collie wobbles and skirted the muddy poodles, only to be reprimanded in the circle later for this misdemeanor. While the search continued on the ridge, back and forth, for the way out, the cunning hares had sett er bit more of the trail ready for our exit from the Carr.

Back in the park we had to be eagle-eyed looking for the W/R split, unless (by chance) there happened to be a hare keen to show us the way (which there was). After splitting the pAk it almost immediately became necessary for the Rambos to run the gauntlet through the dog show, pooches everywhere seen to leap in the air then dasch under the shrubbery. Running was not such a wise move as one owner had to grasp itz hound before it launched its teeth into LP.

Once out of the park we seemed to go down and down and down before the trail turned to push us skywards and on to the BS. It wasn't far back from the BS but the hares did have us fooled, pekeing here and there in search of chalk, only to find the trail back on the main road we'd just left. Dog tired we returned to the On-Inn for down downs accompanied by many a witty quwipp, it was an all round great day n good beer and chow chow afterwards. Thanks hares for a well thought out and executed trail.

Motor Gnome

Write up by Motor Gnome

28th March 2024 at 7:17pm