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Tuesday 20th February 2024
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R*n 87 location

R*n 87 started from Car park next to the Fire Station, Lancaster and the On Inn was Bombay Balti, Lancaster.

Who ran 87? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
No More Cum - Hare94352
Slackbladder - Hare114758
Atomic Caton52429
Forever Blowing126375
Fugitive Nipple32326
Hash Drunk135669
Major Twit055
Minor Twat044
Off His Trolley099
Peeping Tim178
Pick Me Up125567
The Accused52833
The Judge53237
White Noise088

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On Inn - Bombay Balti, Lancaster

This was our 3rd visit. We also visited on...


Sunday 26th October 2003 at 3:30pm

DaytimeR*n 87 »

Lancaster - AGPU

There was a nip in the air (as they said at Peal Harbour) as the Brookhouse & Caton element of LVH3 gathered at the Station in Caton, the location of our very first run.  We all waited for a while to see if the owner of the jag returned with his K15 HHH number plate - Hash drunk wanted to know how much he wanted for it, Minor Tw*t thought a screw driver would be all that was needed.

We poured into our taxis various and made our way to the "usual place" - a first here - we had to pay to park our car on the Hash!  Then we were welcomed to the next run as No more cum got his fat ladies muddled up and we were on onned across the road, many figure of eights later with No more Cum shadowing we crossed and re-crossed the river, braved the retorts of little Lancastrians and made it into the stifling warmth of the Wagon and Horses, where, already Major Twit was having trouble missing her mouth while drinking her coke.  The Accused was a SCB sitting there smugly without appearing to have broken sweat at all.

Not sure what happened next, but somewhere between the Quay and Sainsburys we managed to lose Off His Trolley and White noise, but in true Californian Governor style they were back!  What seemed like a l-o-n-g time later we made it to the Water Witch where the Landlord made the fatal words that he might live to regret - I think I'll join you on one of your runs - seems to think it will make him fitter!!

Still no sign of OHT and WN we left a message for them and "hurtled" to the Park Hotel to find Slack Bladder sleeping in front of the big Screen.  On On again to the Penny Bank for the next in our City Centre survey of pub loos - definitely "bottom" of the list.  Finally we trotted to the Bombay Balti where we promptly rearranged the tables to suit and cheered as the prodigal hashers returned - having followed trail to the Three Mariners which the hares had seemed to forget was on the route.

The hash managed to clear the restaurant out of naans and meat but in the end everyone was "well fed up and agreeably drunk".  There then followed our "business".  One day we will learn to do this bit before people have a) had too much to drink, b) forgotten who they are or what they were there for or c) already gone home!!

The results of the evening were that the present mismanagement were praised noisily, half of them re-elected coz they love it so much, some of them were retired because they loved it too much and some were "promoted" - surely that can't be the right word!

New mismanagement:

  • Joint masters (JM) - Cyber Septic (in absentia) and Fugitive Nipple 
  • RA - Slack Bladder 
  • On sec - Pick Me Up 
  • Hash Cash - Lurch 
  • Hash Haberdasher - No More Cum 
  • Hash Horn - Lurch 
  • Web mattress - Forever Blowing 
  • Hash Flash - Forever Blowing 
  • And Life President and Grand Vizier - Bubbles

Present: The Accused, Antiseptic, Atomic Caton, Bubbles, Carol, Cyberseptic, Forever blowing, Fugitive Nipple, Hash drunk, The Judge, Jim, Lurch, Madge, Major Twit, Minor Tw*t, Morticia, No More Cum, Off His Trolley, Peeping Tim, Pick Me Up, Slackbladder, Syd, Whitenoise.

On On On to John of Gaunt

Write up by an unknown scribe

1st November 2003 at 10:23am