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Saturday 8th August 2020
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R*n 92 location

R*n 92 started from the On Inn - Royal Hotel, Bolton-le-Sands.

Who ran 92? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
The Accused - Hare62834
The Judge - Hare63238
Cousin It14546
Forever Blowing136780
Fowl Scrotum21921
Old Banger22224
Pick Me Up125971
Reliant Robin022

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On Inn - Royal Hotel, Bolton-le-Sands

Image of Royal Hotel, Bolton-le-Sands

This was our 1st visit. We also visited on...

The Royal offers excellent dining facilities with an extensive main menu and a daily specials board, a large selection of cask ales and wines are available to compliment your meal.

The traditional inn also boasts a large beer garden by the canal, and a sports bar showing all the latest sporting events.


Sunday 14th December 2003 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 92 »


What a change in the weather from the day before - someone must have been looking down upon us on this, our pre-Christmas run.  A (small but keen) group of hashers gathered opposite the fine Royal residence, some clad in leggings, others showing off their fine specimens (legs I mean!), and one loan hasher sporting her new dapper half price trainers.  Well she didn't think she'd get away with that did she?  Oh no not with our "guest" RA hawk-eye about - so before we set off Morticia did the honours and drank from her new shoe, whilst the gallant Bubbles allowed her to put her socked foot onto the poopy scoop doggy bag so as not to get it wet!?  (Yes, the bag was unused at this point).

We were just about to set off - again - when who should pull up but Old Banger and Fowl Scrotum in their new banger, ha they thought they could fool us coming incognito.  So, alas, we all waited again while they rummaged around in their new little number, then finally they emerged, first Old Banger, then slowly followed by the always-in-trouble Fowl Scrotum (it was his fault shouts Old Banger).

The hares explained that there were two wimps/rambo splits, or there would be when they'd finished marking the trail.  They also mentioned something about coming back the way we'd just been - and so it was to be named the Déjà vu trail.

Whew, on-on was finally declared and we were off.   The trail took us along the main road for a short while then took a right on to the coast road, along the beach then through some wonderful scenic parts that most of us (including the long in the tooth locals) had never seen before.  Well done hares for finding such a good trail.  We went over fields, down horse-riding smelly muddy gloopy lanes and after a well earned beer stop we eventually ended up back where we started - but no we hadn't finished yet, for this was the Déjà vu trail and, after calling back the front-running pack for missing the trail, realised that this was the loop we'd already done!  So on we went (well, all except Highway who decided he liked the run so much, he would do the loop all over again).  The final stretch of the run ended up on the canal path where two of the knitting circle gallantly held up the rear, only to come onto the finishing straight alongside Highway.  Timed to perfection!!  It's funny how hashing always works out in the end isn't it?

Down-downs were awarded by our stand-in and very capable RA Forever Blowing, as follows:

  • Old Banger and Fowl Scrotum for keeping us waiting before the run
  • Cousin It, Morticia and Pickmeup for being blind as well as deaf
  • Fowl Scrotum for leading the pack astray and missing the trail
  • Highway for being the keen one

Then by the power invested in the stand-in GM, following a resume of Robin's life, Lurch duly baptised him as Reliant Robin.  Welcome to the mad world of Hashing R2 (do you realise when he gets a down down we can call him R2D2??!!).

Have a great Christmas everyone, and see you on 28th December for a run followed by hash-nosh at the Bubbles/FB household!

Pick Me Up

Write up by Pick Me Up

20th December 2003 at 5:53am