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Friday 23rd October 2020
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R*n 97 location

R*n 97 started from the On Inn - Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank.

Who ran 97? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
No More Cum - Hare104454
Peeping Tim - Hare2911
Atomic Caton62834
Forever Blowing147185
Hash Drunk146377
Pick Me Up136376
Thunder Dick044
Tooth Fairy1910

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On Inn - Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank

Image of Hest Bank Hotel, Hest Bank

This was our 2nd visit. We also visited on...


Friday 6th February 2004 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 97 »

Hest Bank

The car park of the Hest Bank Hotel was full but unfortunately mostly of Friday night revellers, not hashers!  One hare, for the circle met us, as the other one had to go to work, some excuse!

On on took us left past the pub and then after about 5 minutes confusion of directions, we managed to find the trail heading south on the canal path.  It was dark and trying to rain but we managed to avoid the puddles and stay out of the canal that seemed to be full to brimming due to amount of rain we've had.

More confusion as the check sent us in 3 different directions - it was a case of double-checking up muddy tracks to eventually find flour with even more mud! Forever Blowing must not be eating enough carrots as she missed the trail completely!  As Tooth Fairy raced ahead we heard "on on" in the distance as we approached another check which again gave us a choice of several different paths to take. We must have taken longer than expected or the single Hare needs to set a few more trails(!) but worried we were lost, he rang us on his mobile telling us to head for the prom!  Is that allowed?!!

Heading the right way, we went past the Dog and Partridge and the Elms Hotel, all rather tempting hostelries, it was Friday night, but we were strong - drink is not the answer! We managed to avoid the traffic but a concerned driver saw us heading towards him and "clunk" went his central locking!  Did he think perhaps that we were going to attack him in his vehicle? How could he? There wasn't a baseball cap or hooded top between the lot of us!

A beer stop was at the end of a long run down the prom, and all the hashers were assembled again. We got a choice of an easy run back along the road or heading along the shoreline in the dark to follow the trail. Anti-septic decided that if the hares had been good enough to lay a trail at least we should follow it! I suppose we were lucky that we could only go one way, heading up the shore as trail was difficult to find and slippery mud and stones didn't help.

After being shouted at by a policewoman for Hash Drunk taking a detour, we ran up over the railway footbridge in Hest Bank only to find we had to cross the police taped off area, due to the cockling tragedy.  We reached the road and set off in the direction of Carnforth and then back on to the canal bank which took us back to the On Inn.  There wasn't a hare in sight; he'd escaped with some excuse about going to watch a band!  So we didn't even have a circle, maybe there could be double down downs for the next run!

Good run although somewhat difficult to follow as they usually are when you can't see where you are meant to be going, and Peeping Tim admitted he could have laid more trail as he'd not been a Full Moon Hare before! Nominating a down down or 3 for No More Cum - conspicuous by his absence!

Write up by an unknown scribe

12th February 2004 at 1:53pm