Lune Valley Hash House Harriers

Tuesday 25th February 2020
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R*n 216 location

R*n 216 started from the On Inn - Canal Turn, Carnforth.

Who ran 216? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Fur Coat - Hare54247
Wobbly Hooker - Hare279
Feels on Wheels53843
Major Twit57277
Master Baker12425
Minor Twat96069
Off His Trolley86169
White Noise65359

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Sunday 11th March 2007 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 216 »


Weather – sunny bit grey clouds lurking by the end of the r*n. Everyone arrived more or less on-time only to hear that the co-hare "Wobbly Hooker" was ‘injured’ (aka ‘lying in on a Sunday morning like most sensible folk’) so Fur Coat laid the trail single handed.  She pleaded that we check everything out thoroughly as the trail was so ‘short’ – we’d be round in half an hour if we didn’t.

Spurred by the idea of a short run and hence more post hash beer-time, the pack trotted off led by Lurch who was soon a red spot in the distance. The hare need not have worried we’d be back too soon – by canny use (or non-use) of flour on the first bit of trail and a very faint check at the first bridge we soon lost many minutes. However, once back on track we continued on and on and on along the canal heading back to the M6.  Another well placed Morlay arrow on the second bridge fooled Major Twit and Speedbump (who were busy discussing…can’t remember) who were ordered back by Bubbles (and they obeyed!).

After a Wimps-Rambo split the Rambos (Bubbles, Lurch, Speedbump, Major Twit, Twisted, Upperskirt, Masterbaker, Dormouse – apologies for incorrect inclusion or exclusion, it is so long ago) jogged along lanes and through fields until they eventually reached the long awaited and extremely welcome beer-stop. By then everyone had been running 25 minutes so we were still on course to match or beat the hares time-estimate. ‘Only another 2 miles to go’ she said. ‘No bother’ we thought. After some shepherding down the road by the hare in a car (as opposed to Harry), she left the Rambos who then rejoined the Wimps on a path leading from a small housing development to a field.

It was here that Bubbles executed his most altruistic act of the day, sitting down on a rock and cunningly hiding the Morlay arrow from everyone. Although people were a bit confused when he got up and the arrow was imprinted on his a*se!! No time to rest though - only 2 or 3 minutes left. Dashed down the main road into Carnforth and completed the hash in 30 minutes! – just as the hare said! (note: the run was 8 miles so you can work out our speed yourselves). The circle was abandoned due to extreme hunger as the pub was about to stop serving food.


Write up by Dormouse

17th March 2007 at 5:53am