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Tuesday 1st December 2020
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R*n 131 location

R*n 131 started from the On Inn - Dragons Head, Whittington.

Who ran 131? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Forever Blowing - Hare1793110
Peeping Tim - Hare31114
Bedside Manner044
Major Twit11213
Minor Twat11011
Off His Trolley32730
Thunder Dick088
White Noise22426

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On Inn - Dragons Head, Whittington

This was our 1st visit to this On Inn.


Sunday 9th January 2005 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 131 »


Meeting at the village hall in Whittington, 15 hashers raring to go on a reasonably calm morning, (dull but dry conditions), after the horrendous weather experienced over the past few days. Lurch obviously thought it was the middle of summer as he turned up exposing a pair of hairy legs at the end of his shorts!

On On out of the car park towards Kirkby Lonsdale and after a couple of checks, a right hand turn into a field fully of shiggy and one dead sheep. The hares had already prepared us for a wet and muddy run, however after the initial wet start we found ourselves on a well maintained gravel track heading towards the river. Baldbrick warming up nicely and discarding his hat, suggested he wouldn't mind staying on this type of surface all the way round - no such luck!

Onto the river path and we saw the first Wimps and Rambo's split, with the Wimps taking a right hand path back towards the village and the Rambo's sticking to the river path. The six Rambo's plus Hash Dog Harry (HDH) ran for what seemed like miles alongside the river, only to have to return almost back to the start to locate the correct trail! Like a scene from Benny Hill (cue music), six hashers plus HDH run in a line one way and then six hashers plus HDH in a line run back. Four Hashers could blame Lurch and Bubbles for not leading them correctly but as Bubbles kindly pointed out in the On Inn later, we followed like sheep (lambs to the slaughter perhaps)?

On locating the correct trail, Bubbles took Twisted by the hand for an early bath right through the lake surrounding the gate, whilst the other four hashers plus HDH teetered around the edges to keep their feet dry. This was to no avail as the lane leading back to civilisation was flooded and no amount of hugging the edges would avoid soggy feet. First time we have seen a cattle grid under water! We arrived at the Beer Stop just outside the village (and within sight of the car park (tempting), with the Wimps at least 15 minutes out in front of us. Not a lot of beer left either!

Onwards up the hill past fallen trees, evidence of the strength of the wind the previous night - (no, not the takeaway curry) and onto another Wimps and Rambo split. The scribe not paying attention, thought she had gone the wrong way and nipped over a fence, cutting across a field to catch up with the other three hashers only to find she had done the Rambo split by mistake! Blame Peeping Tim for hiding the trail markings in the back up car.

Finally back to the village hall, Down Downs were given to the hares for "careless" marking of the trail (although all reluctantly declared it was a good run); Whitenoise and Upper Skirt for "sinning" and allowing Rufus dog to use Whitenoise as a lamppost. Whitenoise and Office Trolley for being SCBs (but only a very short, shortcut was taken) and finally: Forever Blowing for "forever blowing" on her mobile phone! On On into the Dragons Head where quite a wait for food saw some Hashers having to drink lots of beer to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Overall a good hash enjoyed by all except those Rambo's who went in for the marathon session in error (but good training for Thunderdick).


Write up by Twisted

15th January 2005 at 5:53am