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Friday 23rd October 2020
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R*n 130 location

R*n 130 started from the On Inn - The Priory, Scorton.

Who ran 130? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bitter - Hare167
Twisted - Hare167
Cousin It15960
Forever Blowing1693109
Major Twit11112
Minor Twat1910
The Godfather022

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Sunday 26th December 2004 at 11:00am

Full MoonR*n 130 »


Guests: 10k, 15k

Newly Named: The Godfather (Frances)

Believe it or not, this was my first run since August, when I managed to pick up a sprained ankle.  Boxing day was a much better experience, with the beautiful snowy scenery around the M6/A6.  As per usual the Septics were late, hence me being scribe, and there was a short circle where we were told that it was very cold, icy, etc.  For this reason the Hares informed us that there were no Rambo splits, not because they were lazy.

The route was extremely well-received and the Hares were praised for the weather.  On the way round we were presented with snow, ice, shiggy, ice-shiggy, tyres, log bridges and extremely slippery tarmac, which made us all walk like we'd done something soggy in our knickers.  I say walk, as most people had obviously eaten too much to run with conviction and those that did must have been guilt-ridden.  This however did not stop them scoffing Xmas cake, mini-rolls, mince pies, etc at the beer stop (one should ask oneself - would we have got this treatment if the bucket had not been forgotten - Hares 1, Lurch 0).

As there were no splits we arrived at the Priory staggered so most people decided to go for a coffee, which soon turned into a civilised coffee circle.  Down downs were awarded to the Hares, Lurch for forgetting the bucket and horn (you all missed out on some elaborate Xmas carol renditions) and Cousin It for using the alternative dog gate instead of the stile.  Frances was named The Godfather for her organised vicarness and took it in good grace, although was disappointed with the lack of fluffy towel.

All in all a good hash on a good day with lots of Christmas Cheer.


Happy New Year to everyone, see you in 2005.


Write up by Gossamer

1st January 2005 at 5:53am