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Friday 21st January 2022
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R*n 146 location

R*n 146 started from the On Inn - Bubbles & Forever Blowing's, Caton Green.

Who ran 146? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Bubbles - Hare2997126
Forever Blowing - Hare18104122
Bedside Manner11112
Cousin It26264
Feels on Wheels088
Fugitive Nipple83442
Major Twit22527
Minor Twat22022
Off His Trolley43438
Thunder Dick11314

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Wednesday 22nd June 2005 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 146 »

Caton Green - Midsummer BBQ

The full moon trespass run

18 hashers assembled at Marybank farm for this full moon run hared by Bubbles. We were presented with the acronym WHIMPBASTARD by Bubbles to describe all the features of the run, checks etc. He must have spent too much time on management training courses and I was expecting him to start talking of keeping ducks in a row with us all singing from the same hymn sheet etc.

The weather was warm and fine and we only had one whimp/rambo split to contend with but we had been told that the first runner to a gate tied with pink string had to stop and wait for the last hasher. Nipple got there first but did not stop so he got a down-down. He did not recognise the piece of wire fence as a gate perhaps? The barbed wire we had been warned about, but nothing had been said about sharp gorse and most had shorts on. After we returned we were told we had been trespassing. We all arrived back in good time but blackhead had head butted a barbed wire fence and got a down-down for his injury.

The Adams family got a down-down for being the Adams family and lots of us got down-downs for forgetting our song sheets. Feels-on-wheels left early so escaped everything. The Barbie afterwards was excellent and another similar event is being planned for August.

Off His Trolley

Write up by Off His Trolley

28th June 2005 at 1:53pm