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Sunday 14th August 2022
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R*n 151 location

R*n 151 started from the On Inn - New Inn, Yealand Conyers.

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Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Baldbrick - Hare53035
Cum Yak Yak - Hare24446
No More Cum - Hare146579
Cousin It26365
Feels on Wheels099
Forever Blowing19108127
Fugitive Nipple93544
Major Twit22931
Minor Twat22426

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Thursday 21st July 2005 at 7:00pm

Full MoonR*n 151 »

Yealand Conyers

A wonderful run through enchanting country, from Yealand to Leighton Moss. Slightly unnerving as shown by the Adams family photos, for example. Some of you may well feel inclined to polish your glasses or tut-tut about camera shake. Nope. I took 'em. Nowt wrong with my photos. But isn't it weird that when Wednesday, Cousin It or Morticia were in frame the photos were out of focus or they are shown bending out of shot?  I think there's summat spooky about that but I'm not sayin'. Not when it comes to the Adams family.  Best not, really.

Just let me tell you, there was Cousin It running through the woods with her T-shirt pulled over her head with her sunglasses on. Didn't want her photo taken, she said. Really? Would the photo come out, I ask? No, and I don't know how she knows where she's going either.

NMC had arranged grand weather alright, and put down plenty of blobs. Except we were blobless on Warton Crag - there's a song title in there I think - so I hope the fairies have baked some nice cup cakes for themselves and are having a merry laugh at our meanderings. Wonderful evening to lose the trail, anyway.

I think on one photo you'll see what I thought were NMC's new wheels actually. Don't you think he'd look really cool in the maroon 4WD? Feedback, please. Anyway, he's certainly looking tanned, lean and unhasherlike. Whatever he's on, is it legal, or magical?  And where can I get some?

Despite my nippleness, Major Twit's ringing on-on's were never far behind. And whenever I looked round, there was Antiseptic bounding gazelle-like through the woodland. Really, is LVH3 on some health lark? Or is it all getting spooky again and will I have to see the vicar for an explanation? And whenever I thought I was 5 minutes ahead, the knitting circle appear round the corner - having elected to do the rambos - at a full-on relaxed stroll. Not quite right.

Must point out that Major Twit took a tumble resulting in serious damage to the Hash Horn.

Just one down down tonight to Feels on Wheels for taking the Rambo's split whilst claiming 'Im not a rambo'.

I've only got until Sunday to get over the conundrums from this r*n. Hope you realise it's not easy for me being the only one fully compost-mentalis?

Fugitive Nipple

Write up by Fugitive Nipple

27th July 2005 at 1:53pm