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Sunday 17th October 2021
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R*n 234 location

R*n 234 started from Main car park, Ingleton and the On Inn was Wheatsheaf, Ingleton.

Who ran 234? - data up to & including this r*n

Hash HandleHareHoundTotal
Lurch - Hare29131160
Morticia - Hare23119142
Chemical Alley268
Cum Yak Yak36669
English Monkey011
Full Member11213
Fur Coat54449
Major Twit68288
Minor Twat107080
No More Cum1691107

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Sunday 26th August 2007 at 11:00am

DaytimeR*n 234 »


Dave from Over Kellet
Gemma from Preston (named EnglishMonkey 9/7/07)
John & Babs

Following an evening "boogying on down" to the sounds of Elementary Penquins last gig ever (aka Thunderdick and Bedside Manner), it felt like a very early start to the day when we pulled up in Ingleton. A good turn out given the holiday season - including one virgin (Dave) and a semi-virgin (Gemma) who had hashed regularly whilst living in Japan. We also had two friends who remained in the knitting circle (John and Babs - friends of the Adams family).

An "interesting" start to the r*n where we seemed to trek around the centre of Ingleton several times before striking out onto the fells towards Ingleborough. An impromptu drink stop followed by a impromptu Wimps and Rambos split took place and Lurch was found almost live haring! He too was at the gig so obviously also found it hard to get out of bed to set all of the trail before we arrived!

Fortunately the hares had been kind to us and we dropped back down to sea level to the outskirts of Ingleton. Unfortunately the hares had not been so kind with the trail markings and left much to the imagination in some of the fields that we crossed, however fortunately Lurch kept us in sight from his car so we never felt entirely lost!

We crossed hill and dale and the odd main road until we were completely lost but then spotted Lurch's car boot open ahead. At the beer stop we ate melted chocolate biscuits as our reward for safely crossing the busy road chokka with holiday traffic.

More fields, mad farm dogs, interesting dwellings, baffled farmers, gun shots and very large dogs roaming free saw the r*n back across the busy main road again and back to the car park.

Down Downs were given to the Hares and the visitors (including Dave the MI5 spy sent from Dallam running club to find out what we hashers get up to). Bitter, Minor Tw*t and No More Cum were given DDs for suggesting a sacking of the Girl Power and bringing back of the men to positions of power, plus Lurch for Senile Dementia for not remembering that it was Twit and Tw*t that had just returned from Down Under (and not Bitter and Twisted).

Bitter was keen to sample a full fry up from Bernies cafe, but instead he was taken to the Wheatsheaf for the On Inn .... where believe it or not, we all sat in the sunny garden. Unfortunately not sunny for long but the beer and food kept our spirits up as well as the goosebumps! Chips and Gravy rated 8/10 by our chief samplers - Bitter and Cum Yak Yak.


Write up by Twisted

1st September 2007 at 5:53am